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Our prayer makes a difference | When there's a natural disaster, it's all hands on deck to help those in need. Read about lessons learned in The Christian Science Monitor and how helping others unifies and strengthens everyone.

Empathy, tenacity, and more go a long way in the job search—just ask these real-life hiring managers.

From the Office of Committee on PublicationThe question in the title has been asked by many over the years, sometimes quite skeptically.The skepticism stems at least partly from society’s somewhat conflicted attitudes toward prayer. On one hand, most affirm in a general way t...

A Christian Science perspective: God’s saving grace uplifts us in every circumstance.

Several years ago I was living alone in an apartment, feeling very lonely and sorry for myself. I thought that if I could just find the right man and be happily married, the terrible loneliness would be gone.One night I woke in the middle of the night and paced my living room...

A Christian Science perspective: We have a divine right to bear witness to the supremacy of God, good.

Today's CFO needs to foster shared accountability for an organization's finances by promoting cross-silo communication. But doing so first requires gaining the trust of the executive team.