Health in Wyoming, MI

The Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan has a warning: That online free trial offer you saw is probably too good to be true.

A football has been returned to the Detroit Lions offensive lineman who threw it into the stands after scoring his first touchdown.

A West Michigan judge has withdrawn a sentencing agreement for a man charged in a 6-year-old girl's hit-and-run death.

A grand jury in Michigan returned a 56-count indictment Dec. 4 that charges six physicians in a $464 million healthcare fraud scheme, according to the Department of Justice.

T-Mobile is providing 70,000 lines of wireless service to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help make telehealth services more accessible.

Blood donors save lives! It's easy, only takes about 45 minutes and you will feel good knowing you helped save a life. Snacks provided.