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3am Growers is committed to being a premier specimen plant material supplier for the Southeastern United States. Contact us today.

Give your garden four seasons of interest with low-maintenance ornamental grasses. Here are some of the best varieties.

It’s one of the most useful types of plants you can use in your designs; here are five ideas to get your started.

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Ornamental grasses, many of which are native to the Great Plains, serve an important role in the Nebraska landscape. There is no more sustainable plant than our recommended selections.

It's a common misconception that shaded gardens can't support ornamental grasses. Several selections thrive in shade and help bring that often-overlooked space to life.

Shop the best online selection of perennial ornamental grasses for sale in several varieties at NatureHills.com, America's largest online plant nursery.

Warm season ornamental grasses such as this Morning Light Maiden Grass (warm versus cool? See here ) have finished blooming and are browning-out, right on schedule. While you can wait for late winter to cut back ornamental grasses and enjoy how they look in the dead of winter touched by front or just blowing in the wind, now is an ideal time for a hard pruning. Whether you tackle this task now or later, here are the simple steps for how to prune…

Globe artichokes have much to contribute to home gardens, from providing thin layers of leathery leaves for delectable dining to serving as flowery backdrops in border settings. Pollinators like their

Award-winning landscapers in Lancaster, PA discuss why ornamental grasses are great to add to your landscape design and some of their favorite varieties.

Whether you use them as screens, accents, or focal points, let ornamental grasses play a role in your garden or landscape.

Echelon is Ameristars line of lighter ornamental wrought iron look aluminum fencing for residential projects.

Aegis Plus is Ameristars line of light commercial ornamental wrought-iron look steel fence that is especially suited for non-standard heights, rail spacing, and custom colors.

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I’ve fallen in love with grasses — not the troublesome, labor intensive, disease prone and bug infested stuff that we have to cut each week to make what we call

Just because they are cosmopolitan, however, doesn't mean that grasses are plain or boring: in fact far from it.
As landscaping elements, they can add height, work as a ground cover, add color, variegation, and an architectural look to any garden ...depending on how they are paired with other plants. Read more...