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LAS VEGAS (AP) — A legal opinion from the U.S. Department of Justice made public Monday could threaten the viability of online gambling that crosses state lines such as poker. The 23-page opinion interprets the federal Wire Act, which prohibits interstate wagering, to apply to any form of gambling that crosses state lines, not just sports betting. The opinion marks a reversal for the department, which…

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couple of weeks ago I finished my first semester in college. It was an interesting couple of months to say the least. I wasn’t fully prepared for what a

If I couldn’t even rationalize my mental illness to myself, how could I ever explain it to anyone else?

Yoga Therapy can be very effective, but is a healing modality for Eating Disorder Recovery Yoga Therapy? If it is, how effective is it?

Caring and compassion since 1952 For many, separating work life and family life is a priority, but for the family who runs SALMON Health and Retirement,

Content warning: Use of those crappy “O” words often used to define health and disparage because citing research. Moving away from diets can feel like a salmon swimming against the stre…