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Nyle DiMarco and Chella Man teach us the essentials of queer vocabulary in American Sign Language (ASL), and the variety of ways to communicate. Nyle DiMarco...

If you have a pressing need for cash, you may be tempted to withdraw funds from your retirement account or borrow money from it if possible. Know that taking this type of loan or premature withdrawal has consequences — consequences that might come back to haunt you in retirement.

Most of the cold brewers for coffee that I’ve seen lately take 12-24 hours to brew a pot. With the Cuisinart DCB-10 cold coffee brewer, you can brew a pot in as little as 25 minutes. Like other cold brewers where the coffee sits in the water and slowly extracts, the Cuisinart machine starts with cold or room temperature water. But Cuisinart’s “unique spin technology circulates coffee through water for total flavor extraction in a fraction of the time manual brewers require.”

Austin, Texas-based cold brew and whole bean purveyor Kohana Coffee has the ambitious and unprecedented goal of sourcing every last one of its beans from women by 2020. This would involve not just …

The US Border Patrol says the SUV that crashed in South Texas, killing at least five people, was being chased by an agent who suspected it was part of a "smu...

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Shortly after he turned 2, Yadriel Hernandez started struggling to breathe. His doctor prescribed an inhaler and an allergy pill for asthma, and his s

This knit tee features a paint splattered screen print of Space Jam's Tune Squad down the front. Shop rue21!

iEnhance connects people looking to enhance their look with a directory of cosmetic surgery experts and information for enhancing their body, image, and health.

3 Wealth Destroyers. Today our economy is in the midst of a huge shift, and the first step to adapting is gathering information.

WuXi Biologics ain’t your grandfather’s manufacturing company. The Chinese business announced last week that it would locate a facility that

Virtual World Photo is the home for virtual photographers and game art enthusiasts alike. Check out our new virtual photography competitions and news today.

MOSCOW (AP) — When the final whistle blew, Lionel Messi angrily kicked away the ball like it was poison and tore off his captain's armband as though it was cursed.

United Church of Christ churches in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut agreed Saturday in a first-of-its-kind vote to join together to help launch an organized, progressive Christian voice to counter right-wing religious forces in US politics.