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CVS Health's suite of assets uniquely position the company to address today's greatest health care challenges, including the cost/quality/access dilemma.

In 2017, CVS Health’s engagement with small and diverse businesses led to over $5.8 billion in contributions to the US economy and sustained 38,032 US jobs. ...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Company celebrates first anniversary of Fort Bragg employment and training facility
WOONSOCKET, R.I., July 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In its continuing commitment to hire our nation's veterans, CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) today announced the expansion of the company's participation in the Department of Defense SkillBridge Initiative, which helps service men and women transition from military life to private sector civilian careers, to…

Most patients who come to my office for arthritis have what is known as osteoarthritis. This is the wear-and-tear type of arthritis thought to be the result of years of impact on your hip or knee joints. This causes the cartilage, the smooth gliding cushion on the joint surface, to wear out. You can think of it like years of driving your car. If you wear through your rubber tires and are driving on the metal rims of your wheels, you are in…

Monday, July 16, 2018
Company underscores support for the Administration's goal and outlines steps it has taken to hold down drug costs for consumers
WOONSOCKET, R.I., July 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) today submitted its comments in response to the Request for Information (RFI) on the Trump Administration's Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices. In a cover letter to Secretary of Health and Human…

One in five people in the United States has a mental health condition. Learn the five signs that may mean someone is in emotional pain and might need help: p...

The result of rolling the steak or kebabs in this mix is a beautiful caramelised crust on the outside with a gorgeous spice rub to flavour it. Interestingly, it's not weird or odd nor does it taste like you're eating a steak and a cup of coffee. Of course you may want to use the decaffeinated version if you're sensitive to caffeine at night!

Love Lemon Delicious pudding? Try this cheesecake version, a light and airy baked cheesecake swirled with tart lemon curd and decorated with lemon crisp cookies! With a topping of whipped cream, more lemon curd and lemon slices, this is for lemon lovers! I call her Dita the Delicious.

CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo and Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson share insights on the accelerated pace of change in health care and the innovation, technology, and competition play.

Many of us know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. For many of these patients, whether a friend, loved one, or co-worker, chemotherapy was a part of treatment. Yet, while you may be familiar with the term, not everyone understands just what chemotherapy is.

A free Aug. 9 webinar, “HIPAA Security Risk Analysis,” will focus on only one particular aspect of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Struggling with opioids? Gary is at the front door ready to help anyone who is seeking help with addiction. He's been there and knows what you're going throu...

Dr. Ashley Clark knows how important using the best available evidence is when teaching her students or treating her patients at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth.)

The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles will be moving to a new location in Woonsocket.The registry branch will be located in a building that used to be a McDonald's restaurant on Diamond Hill Road. It will replace the Pond Street office.The DMV said

Manual and powered toothbrushes are instruments of oral health used to clean teeth. Replace your toothbrush every three to four months.

This seven-day stretch of heat and humidity will come to an end Friday, as showers and thunderstorms roll across southern New England. Showers and storms peaking around mid afternoon Friday With the air as humid as it is, the biggest issu