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Earlier today Fiserv announced the acquisition of First Data in an all-stock transaction, implying the equity value for First Data of $22 billion…

Volunteering with the NKF gives you a chance to be a part of our ongoing effort to help the 26 million Americans with kidney disease live richer, fuller lives. Help us to raise awareness about early detection, risk factors, and the importance of organ donation. What Can You Do? The NKF needs people of all ages and interests! Volunteer opportunities include:

Okay ... they're kind of icky but, oh so good for your dog! Read this article and find out why no raw diet is complete without organ meat.

It was promising to be an uncharacteristically warm winter day in Boston. The temperature on 15 January 1919, had soared to 40 degrees Fahrenheit from 2 degrees (4 degrees Celsius from -16) earlier in the week, prompting many downtown workers to head

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Some URL-shorteners re-use their links, so bitly can't guarantee the validity of this…

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“Bohemian Rhapsody” will give moviegoers an opportunity to rock out with the film.

Authorities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are said to be investigating a wave of bogus bomb threats that have been sent to a variety of organisations late on Thursday.
But if the hoaxer thought they were going to make a lot of money through the scam, they’re going to be disappointed.

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Rosetta Stone, the Arlington, Virginia-based business known for selling foreign language CDs, is now teaching reading in U.S. schools and revamping its core language business. CEO John Hass talked about the changes with The Associated Press. The interview has been edited for clarity and length. Q: Rosetta Stone's language courses are widely known. What else does the company do? A: While we are best known for teaching people a second language and have been doing that for 26 years now, we have a…

Passaic was built on providing unsupported elastomer calendering solutions for the construction industry ever since our founding in 1919. For almost 100 years, Passaic has morphed from producing bridge cable tapes for the Golden Gate Bridge, to now providing certified roof flashing for flat top roofs for over 30 years. Whether its EPDM or Neoprene based, Passaic Rubber holds proprietary formulations to meet our customer’s needs. For custom products manufacturing, please call (973) 696-9500.

John Hass has worked at Goldman Sachs, a small startup and now as CEO of Rosetta Stone, the Arlington, Virginia-based company best known for teaching foreign languages. Five years ago, Rosetta Stone acquired Lexia Learning, which helps teach reading in K-12 schools. In addition to the lessons he learned on those career stops, Hass has picked up tips from his family's construction business in the Midwest…

Sprint (NYSE: S) today confirmed plans for an innovative, standards-based 5G smartphone expected to launch in summer 2019 from Samsung. Sprint customers will be among the first in the world to experience the incredible speed, reliability and mobility of 5G on this feature-rich handset
"We are proud that our longstanding relationship with Samsung has delivered some of the most innovative mobile technologies to our customers over…

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Cancer in dogs is becoming more and more common. Want to know how to protect your dogs naturally? Two holistic vets explain the best dog cancer supplements.

Need some inspiration for your next LEGO project? Check out these awesome LEGO projects.

Affected by malpractice at a surgical center in New Jersey? Contact attorneys for medical negligence claims in Hackensack, Secaucus, Saddle Brook, Hudson and Bergen County NJ.

Mark the membrane where the edge of the splice occurs and fold top portion back
Using ½” nap paint roller, apply EPDM Primer to surface and allow to dry (Dry to the touch, ~
Position Seam tape along the length of the seam with sticky tape side down, ensure proper alignment with seam using a pre-determined marked edge/chalk line/guide
Press tape…

Looking for New Year's traditions and phrases to ring in 2019? This handy guide will help you say "Happy New Year" in a new language and find a way to ring in 2019, whether it's smashing plates or drinking Champagne.

Something went wrong in assisted delivery? Call New Jersey Birth Injury Lawyers for vacuum extractor and forceps injuries. Free consultation: 866-708-8617.

Bacteria are slippery little suckers. They evolve rapidly, developing resistance to antibiotics and therefore becoming increasingly difficult to deal with.

The official countdown to I do is on! Here are the things that need to be on your engagement party checklist for a stress-free fete.

Nearly three out of four women experience pain during sex at some point in their lives.

Looking for rubber tapes utilized in the mining industry? Passaic Rubber Company specializes in providing rubber taping solutions to both distributors and end users. Our tapes provide a service to prevent rusting of ferrous metals and sparking in areas of high gas levels. Our proprietary mining tape formulas have been in use for well over 40 years. Contact us today to learn more about our mining tapes. For custom products manufacturing, please call (973) 696-9500.