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The annual Global Peace Index reveals the most – and least peaceful – countries in the world.

“Certain algorithms,” says Tim Cook, “pull you toward the things you already know, believe, or like, and they push away everything else. Push back.” In a commencement speech to Tulane University, the Apple CEO tells graduates to take charge of their information diet. And much as we want to sneer at the irony of a phone maker telling us to beware of algorithms, we have to admit that Apple’s Screen Time app is one good tool for improving your tech habits. Here are…

Sometimes it’s hot when your partner shares a particular fantasy or desire, but other times, your partner might tell you about a certain fantasy that you’re just not into. Maybe monogamy is important to you, and you can’t get on board with the idea of a threesome. Maybe you’re a sexual abuse survivor, and wouldn’t feel safe playing with restraints. Or maybe you’re just not turned on by the idea of roleplaying. This can be a tricky situation to navigate. Should you participate…

The debt-averse among us may want to put everything on a debit card to be on the safe side—even hefty travel purchases like airfare.

Chernobyl was the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster. But a generation on, life is returning to areas once exposed to lethal amounts of radiation.

Scientists have discovered that the human brain can absorb information whilst asleep - and remember it when they wake up.

Offering a wide range of new and used luxury motor homes including Diesel Pushers, Class As and Class Cs. Over 30 years serving the entire East Coast.

However, deep divisions remain over marriage equality. Last year, voters rejected same-sex marriage in a series of referendums.

Our oceans are running out of breath, and we are running out of time to save them. Could 'blue funds' be the answer?

Chicken breasts in Colombia were sold to schools at $12, about four times the price of local supermarkets. Technology can improve transparency in public procurement and help monitor contractors’ performance over time.