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Social media stalking might be creepy and a waste of time, but most of us are guilty of it at one point or another. That’s why, after our latest “How to hide your accidental ‘like’ on Instagram” post, we were intrigued by this even more efficient tip coming from one of our readers.

I want the wallpaper from Phantom Thread. And I can have it, or at least a “reworking” of it, for $80 a roll at Wallpaper Direct. I know that thanks to Film and Furniture, a blog and database that spots furniture and decor in movies and TV shows, and tells you where you can buy it. The site has featured designs from Mad Men, A Clockwork Orange, and even Incredibles 2. (You’ll have to go elsewhere for that rug from The Big Lebowski.)

Can we stop being mad at plastic straws for a minute? Some folks are saying plastic straws are stupid and useless while others make the point that I’m disabled and I need these to drink. What if the fate of the ocean doesn’t hinge on plastic straws at all? Because one of the largest sources of garbage plastic in the ocean is fishing waste.

4 Essential Tips For Turnover Management
Employee turnover is a significant risk to your company's productivity. There are few things more frustrating than training an employee, only to see them leave shortly after
Industry-wide, the average turnover rate in the United States is 15 percent . For some industries, such as services, turnover is up to 35 percent. This means that more than 1 out of…

The modern world should look closely at the collapse of the Weimar Republic.

Lessons from scientists who came up with a new theory of evolution.

No matter how you drive, pay-per-mile insurance could cut your bill in half. Get a quote with Metromile today:

It doesn't take endless laps or, in some cases, even getting your hair wet.

Don't let your child become a part of the student loan crisis! Get some tips on setting up a college fund, so your child doesn't have to borrow as much!

A heatwave has brought unusually hot and dry conditions.