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Amazon, wanting everything and anything you do to have Alexa integrated into it, announced a smorgasbord of new stuff today. Some of it is interesting; some of it is just an update of the same smarthome gear you already have. (Also interesting, don’t get me wrong, but you probably aren’t likely to buy a new Echo Dot if you’re satisfied with your current setup.)

When it’s time for your toddler to let go of something big, the struggle is real. These tiny tyrants are routine fiends, and giving up longtime objects of comfort (or any old thing picked up in the sandbox, for that matter) often doesn’t go down easy. I have learned, however, that if you create a ceremony that celebrates your little one’s budding independence, one that gives them a sense of purpose, pride and goodwill, the drama will be dropped. Really.

Over-the-counter spot treatments seem downright miraculous, claiming to zap zits in a matter of hours. As it turns out, that’s not how anything works—and if you break out all over your face, selectively treating a few spots is, at best a pretty inefficient strategy.

He built a billion-dollar empire in just 20 years, but now Alibaba’s Jack Ma wants to focus his efforts on education and head back to the classroom.

One of China's most popular business figures shares some advice on starting a business, sticking at a business, and when to retire.

From devouring pollution to fighting disease, ten reasons fungi leave other organisms in the shade.

If you are in financial difficulty and need money to pay bills, payday, car title, and pension loans are not the way to go! Find out why they should be avoid...

In a time when global cooperation is dwindling, city-to-city collaboration has become even more critical. How are mayors and local governments tackling global challenges?
Dimensions to be addressed:
- Reducing global carbon emissions
- Closing inequality gaps
- Reducing violence while increasing diversity
Simultaneous interpretation in English and Mandarin Chinese
This session will be livestreamed on TopLink and the Forum website.