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ROMEOVILLE – Former Lewis University baseball coach Henry “Irish” O’Reilly died on Monday at the age of 74. O’Reilly retired in 2007 but remained closely connected with Lewis University. In January 2018, O’Reilly – a 2016 inductee into the Lewis Athletics Hall of Fame – was honored by the American Baseball Coaches Association with the ABCA/Wilson Lefty Gomez Award.

When Christians from different churches marry, they face many challenges. However, ecumenical marriages can yield crucial insights into Christ’s call to all Christians both to build Christian unity and to reform the Church continually, according to presenters of Lewis University’s 16th Annual Signum Fidei (“Sign of Faith”) Lecture.

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TV shows and movies cross paths all the time. Once, it was rare to see a television show make the jump to the big screen, but now it happens so regularly there’s no need to comment on the...