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Giancarlo Stanton returns to Marlins Park on Tuesday night for the first time since his offseason trade to the Yankees. It will also mark Derek Jeter’s first time hosting the team for which he starred 20 seasons. But it is Stanton’s return, and attempt at a 300th career home run, that will rivet emotions.

In amendment battle, Disney, Seminole Tribe team up with $26 million to keep casino competition out of Florida

Police in Uganda said they arrested a U.S. citizen this week after reviewing video that appeared to show him physically attacking hotel employees.

Jack Phillips, who prevailed in a Supreme Court case about his refusal to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, is suing Colorado in a case involving a cake celebrating gender transition.

Why metal trim? Using Schluter metal strips instead of bullnose and floor trim. In today’s tile world, matching bullnose is not always available for every application. When this is the case we take a lesson from modern and European design and go to the metal trim (Schluter metal strips) options available to us. Metal trim…