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Apply for Medical Assistant Floater position at Pediatric Associates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on jobs.pediatricassociates.com/

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Apply for Patient Contact Center - RN position at Pediatric Associates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on jobs.pediatricassociates.com/

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FREE Event Co–Sponsored by Pediatric Associates and Sunrise Police Department. If possible please bring your child, car seat and vehicle to the event. NOTE: This is a first come, first serve event and parents should arrive no later than 12 p.m.

WINCHESTER — Predictions that plentiful spring and summer rain would bring a vibrant leaf-peeping season are fading.

GIFs from National Geographic WILD, a network all about animals & nature from National Geographic.

Saturday, September 29 is National Coffee Day, and chains are offering freebies and discounts, ranging from generous to laughably stingy. Here are the best deals, so you can get a no-strings free cup of coffee instead of settling for 25% off a bag of beans (the current “deal” at Peet’s).

Welcome back to school! We are taking this opportunity to share our excitement with you over this new year!

A Catholic education is one that stays with you for life. Whether it helps strengthen our moral compass or deepens our faith, it leaves an ingrained sense of belonging to something much bigger than…

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Love this easy recipe! Alternate pretzels with the red berries, and presto: a light, Easy Flag Fruit Dessert that will be the hit of any patriotic party.

If our teeth are made mostly of calcium, why do we use fluoride to keep them healthy? Quick Questions explains why, and how we finally figured it out. Hosted...

The pesky peafowl are taking property damage to a whole new level, attacking dark-colored luxury cars with their strong beaks.

Day of Caring is September 12th & 13th, 2018! This year for the first time, Day of Caring will cover TWO DAYS! September 12th will be for Winchester City, Frederick & Clarke Counties. September 13th will be for Shenandoah and Page Counties
Don't miss your opportunity to participate! If you are planning on volunteering, make sure you are registered by August 10th to get your requested t-shirt size! Learn more now!
Set up a team: Assemble your work, church or social group for…

When a drunk driver never had a license, you can't suspend it as punishment, can you? How much proof do you need that suspensions don't work?

"Driving car without ignition interlock" is one charge that a man from Edmonton faces. He also has 11 more - all from one car theft.

While striking in both appearance and ability, the Mary river turtle may not be the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but it is now one of the most endangered species on the planet.

Punishments are supposed to teach an offender a lesson. One of those lessons, we expect, is not to offend again. It doesn’t always work that way in Detroit. A 42-year-old man was arrested for OWI and an offense that often goes with it: driving despite license suspensions. It turns out the man has had his license

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Although everyone loves that extra hour of sleep Daylight Saving Time gives them in the fall, few people enjoy springing forward. Even though setting the c

Renters insurance is recommended for those who are planning to rent an apartment or house. Renters insurance will cover the cost of your possessions within