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By The Goddard School • May 10th, 2010
Nutrition comes in many shapes and sizes – and not all of them are solid. A fruit shake is a refreshing way to start your child’s day. Choose your child’s favorite fruits or try a new one from time to time. Add a piece of whole grain toast – and maybe a little peanut butter – and you have a balanced breakfast alternative. Cut and freeze fruits ahead of time to make this breakfast as…

Not sure what to pack your little one each day? Here are five easy lunches to help you out!

DOVER — There are 16 prospective entrepreneurs who are hoping Dover means business when they set out to begin their careers and open the doors to new businesses in the city of Dover. The hopeful future business owners took a big leap towards that goal as they participated in the inaugural Restoring Central Dover Launcher …

Thanks to over 100 volunteers and supporters, West End's annual Thanksgiving food give-a-way on Sat., Nov. 19 was a resounding success. A special cheer for volunteers and supporters from the Wilmington Jaycees, Discover, New Castle County, Capital One, the Kenny Family Foundation, Winner Ford, Diver Chevrolet, as well as current and former West End & Cornerstone staff. Check out this quick video from the News Journal on the day's activities!

There are lots of jobs open in our region, but not every applicant has the skills or experience necessary to get hired. But a new program in Delaware is aiming to change just that.

By The Goddard School • September 25th, 2014
It’s been said that reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Reading strengthens children’s analytical thinking skills, improves their memories and expands their vocabulary. Reading is also an excellent way to reduce stress. But how do you raise a reader? Here’s how
1. Establish a story time. Ask your child to pick out a book and read it to him while he snuggles with you on the couch. Make time every…

By The Goddard School • November 19th, 2014
Are you stuck inside because of the freezing temperatures or the rain? Take a step back from the TV, tablet or video game, and shake up your normal routine. When the weather prevents your children from playing outside, provide them with challenging activities and active games
Have a Board Game Competition.
Hold a board game competition in your living or family room. Spend the day playing different games. You can even compete for prizes.

We’ve been told our little boys are naturally more active and aggressive, our girls innately more caring and cooperative—but some experts beg to differ.

Swinging around your city comes with some challenges and some joys. Every day our public transit systems are innovating in ways that make the journeys we go on more efficient, more pleasant or ideally, both. Sometimes it’s easy to see what your city’s transit needs, but it’s what you may not think of that could be the real future of public transit. Fortunately, finding inspiration is…

A Waycross boy who nearly lost the ability to walk is striding toward his future thanks to a new procedure at Nemours Children's Specialty Care.

Logan Houser: "With me doing all this stuff, it kind of shows that no matter what you have, you can push through it and get through life however you

By The Goddard School • November 8th, 2013
You may have heard the term ‘world schooling’ recently. World schooling uses travel to teach children about the planet and world cultures. As the use of technology increases, the world has become more interconnected, and one country’s problems can affect our personal lives
An early educational experience should include a global perspective. At The Goddard School, we provide…

It’s the moment of truth. You are getting ready to go back to work. Maybe your maternity/paternity leave has come to an end or you took time off from your

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