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The geographic Mount Carmel that we take our Carmelite name from is a mountain range along the Mediterranean in Israel. It is a green oasis surrounded by desert; hence, its name “Carmel, which means “the Garden of God” in Hebrew. …

Enrollment Growth Briefing is a quick daily update for higher education leaders looking to grow enrollment at their college or university.

If there's an attack on the country, the military mobilizes. When a natural disaster strikes, recovery plans go into effect. Should an infectious disease start to spread, health officials launch a containment strategy.

Happy 243rd Birthday to the United States Marine Corps. - Corvette Mike | Used Chevrolet Corvettes for Sale Search used Corvettes for sale.

It’s worth calling out all these examples of dealers joyriding in customer’s cars, because maybe then they’ll stop. Maybe.

Walking a mile in your employees’ shoes can reveal big gaps in your footwear program. In addition to their shoes, your employees require the right socks, protections, guards, and grip to be safe and productive. Depending on your environment – from offices to production floors – these...

Samsung unveiled details about its foldable smartphone, Eric Schmidt took the blame for Google's failures, and Vice Media is cutting staff.

Hands down, the biggest factor in speeding up your WordPress website is image optimization. Learn the best way to handle image optimization for WordPress.

Mattresses and pillows require a little maintenance that you can easily do – just add it into your cleaning routine and your mattress will stay comfy and clean. Rotate Your Mattress Rotate your mattress every six months to keep the distribution of padding and foam consistent throughout the mattress. If you have a pillow top …

I built and filmed this machine in only one week (40 fails). The rubber bands in the last video gave me the inspiration to do more with those. It is shorter ...

Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills Elementary District 181, The District 181 Foundation and Rotary Club of Hinsdale will pack 1,000 book bags with school supplies to send to a North Carolina school district that was devastated by Hurricane Florence.

When optimizing a website's performance, the very first thing you should check is whether or not your site is taking advantage of GZIP Compression.

Physicists hope to avoid the number of computer hacks by creating a quantum-based, "unhackable" connection between technology.

Industry and academia come together to explore research opportunities in quantum information sciences
Attendees of Argonne’s national Quantum Computing Workshop listen to wide-ranging presentations from leaders in industry, academia and national laboratories. The three-day event, both educative and interactive, included hands-on sessions that trained attendees on how to work with quantum simulators. (Image by Argonne National Laboratory.)
Quantum chemist Yuri Alexeev recalls first hearing about the…

Recent research and trends suggest that cybersecurity threats and overall costs are growing, especially for businesses.

October 18, 2018
New system incorporates Argonne’s high-efficiency, fast-charging/discharging thermal energy system for waste heat recovery and reuse in process and manufacturing environments
Argonne and Capstone Turbine Corp. plan to refine Argonne’s system to capture and store waste heat. (Image by Argonne National Laboratory)
Thermal energy storage systems to capture and store waste heat for later use when operating a manufacturing facility or large building could…

Milestone Chassis is committed to supporting the needs of the country when it comes to chassis shortages. The company has partnered with the HTA and opened new locations in key markets in the Midwest.

Milestone Chassis – NRS Reliability, Delivered. Outdated Chassis is an industry-wide problem – stay ahead of the game …