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For anyone else, having a tooth accidentally knocked out while practicing a dance routine would be a very big deal. But not for Dancing With The Stars contestant Noah Galloway. Galloway, an Iraq War veteran and a double amputee, took a kick to the face from his partner during a recent practice sessi

In this highly computerized world, more and more people of all ages are experiencing aches and pains that come from sitting at a computer for long periods of time.

Choice of: One 30-Minute Back and 30-Minute Foot Massage with Hot Stones and Aromatherapy Two 30-Minute Back and 30-Minute Foot Massages with Hot Stones and Aromatherapy Learn more about what to expect at a massage.

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Choice of: Dental Exam, One Set of X-Rays, and Cleaning One-Year Membership, Includes: Two exams One emergency exam Two cleanings One set of X-rays 20% off any dental work (including cosmetic and implant crowns)

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Choice of: One 60-Minute Massage with Consultation, Exam, and Evaluation Three 60-Minute Massages with Consultation, Exam, and Evaluation Learn more about what to expect at a massage.

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Vacationing abroad can be the trip of a lifetime — or a nightmare if you have a medical or dental emergency while traveling. Dental care in many locations around the world can be limited, expensive or even dangerous.
Here are 3 important things you should to do to prepare for a possible denta

Rotational deformities of the legs and feet in children are often a cause of concern for parents. Most people think of the deformities as either toeing in or toeing out. The deformity actually comes from rotation of the femur and the tibia. Rotation of the legs at birth is normal. Most of the time, the deformities correct themselves by age seven or eight.

Dental implants are popular with both patients and dentists for their durability and likeness to natural teeth. That natural look, though, can be difficult to attain, especially in what’s known as the “smile zone” — the area of the mouth where teeth are most visible when you

Months after he was born, in 1948, Ron McCallum became blind. In this charming, moving talk, he shows how he is able to read -- and celebrates the progressio...

If there was an “Unsung Hero” award for dental procedures, the root canal treatment would win hands-down. Much aligned in popular culture, today’s root canal treatment is actually a valuable tool for saving teeth that would otherwise be lost. And contrary to popular belief, root ca

Entire industries should figure out how to give older adults the tools they need to participate, create, build and influence the world around them.

Write better headlines with tactics from our analysis of 100 million headlines. Discover the best headline trigrams for Facebook and Twitter and much more.

twenty one pilots' video for 'Ride' from the album Blurryface - available now on Fueled By Ramen. Get it on… iTunes: Google...

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) aims to ensure everyone receives the quality services they need, and is protected from health threats, without suffering fina...

Life-threatening germs spread between patients and health care facilities. Health care facilities and public health authorities must work together to stop spread of germs from facility to facility.

The world—and the church—are changing rapidly, and there’s never been a more exciting time to step into ministry. But the definition of “ministry” is changin...

Arthritis involves inflammation of one or more of your joints. Pain and stiffness are common symptoms of arthritis, and when these occur in your wrist, simple daily activities can become more difficult
There are many types of arthritis, and most of these can affect the wrist. Although the severity of symptoms related to arthritis can vary, most arthritis-related diseases are chronic. This means that they are…

Equifax CEO Richard Smith is suddenly retiring in the wake of the company's embarrassing data breach.

Brazilian marathon runner Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima won a bronze medal at the 2004 Athen Olympics despite being tackled by a protester.

We are ALL IN to find a cure for PD
HR Gives back is a fundraiser in support of Team Fox and The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Our collective mission is to help speed a cure for Parkinson's Disease - something we can only do with your help.
Over the past two years the HR Technology community has raised over $75,000 for Team Fox. And we will be playing the Vegas odds this October, aiming to double that this year. With help from…

What funders say on their websites often differs from reality. Here are four tips for using their 990-PFs to identify funders most likely to give to your cause.

If you heeded all the warnings, you're likely fine. But spots or blurred vision that shows up 12 hours later or the next day might be a sign the sun's direct rays permanently hurt the retina.

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The Nuts and Bolts – Elements of a Brief
Every standard legal brief has a few basic elements
An Introduction that articulates the party's claim and introduces the party's theory of the case and the procedural history of the case.
A Table of Authorities (TOA) section that describes all sources of legal authority used in the brief. While it used to be a tedious and time-consuming task to compile a TOA, the Table of Authorities Builder within Thomson Reuters Drafting Assistant software makes…

Fertility peaks between the late teens and early 30s. Why fertility starts falling at 35 is still unclear.

People living with schizophrenia or other serious mental illnesses say a pet can be not just a comforting companion but a reason to stay engaged with other people — and with life.

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