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Like a good pair of eyeglasses, a motorcycle helmet shield is essential for maximizing your vision on the road—and it’s a critical safety feature, too.“The number one reason to have a shield

Boyds, Md. (5/29/19) – The Washington Spirit are proud to announce the club’s new kit partnership with GEICO. The GEICO logo will…

You love your home. But be honest—when you come home after a long day, does it look a little too much, well, the same?Fortunately, freshening up your living space doesn’t have to entail renova

Every November, Veterans Day brings America together to honor its Military Veterans. But remembrance of their heroic deeds continues year-round, at monuments, memorials, battlefields and forts across

Americans love to celebrate the 4th of July with family, friends, food, and fireworks. But all too often the festivities turn tragic on the nation's roads. This iconic American holiday is also one of the deadliest holidays of the year due to drunk-driving crashes.Over the 2015 Fourth of July holiday (6 p.m. July 2 to 5:59 a.m. July 6),

It’s hot out there! And your pet is probably feeling it, too. To ensure your pets stay safe during the summer months, we sought the advice of Dr. Jeff Werber, a renowned veterinarian.Choose Your E

When summer hits, you want to have every meal outdoors. (And every morning coffee and afternoon ice cream, too.)So you’re probably using your grill a lot. It makes for yummy burgers, but dealing

Stargazing, hiking, waterfall spotting, and farm-to-table meals: It’s the stuff summer vacation #goals are made of.Planning an unforgettable back-to-nature adventure is easier than you think. Al

North Dakota’s Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site doesn’t look like much from the outside. And that’s the point.A dramatic elevator ride to the Launch Control Center takes visitors

Spring ahead by being proactive with home upkeep. By Erik J. Martin CTW Features So you’ve survived another winter without straining your back from snow shoveling or taking a bad

When you wait all year for marshmallows decorated like chicks, bunny-shaped chocolates and eggs with crunchy candy shells or creamy centers, it’s easy to go overboard with Easter candy. But you’re

Running your first marathon is all about perseverance, dedication and a healthy dose of motivation. Think you don't have what it takes? Think again. Get inspired by listening to these eight runners te

Hmm. Purr. Vroom. Modern engineering has made driving a car easier on the ears than ever.But there are some car noises you don’t want to hear, because they can signal trouble. Every once in a wh

Remember Home Alone, where the hapless intruders are chased away by Macaulay Culkin's clever booby traps? You don't have to go quite that far to make your own home unappealing to burglars, but a littl

Rex and Scruffy face some of the same hazards that toddlers do. If there’s a thumbtack under the rug or an errant cheese puff behind the couch, they’ll find it—and put it in their mouths. So, as

It is one the more spirited and anticipated reunions of the paranormal world, and it’s about to happen on radio. Grant Wilson, formerly of Syfy’s Ghost H...

A list of 9 ways to get rid of the pee smell in your bathroom. Great tips and ideas from our readers.

HLN anchor Meade has demanded a loo and a sink in her office at Atlanta’s CNN Center, and, according to internal e-mails, the lavish latrine could cost up to $100,000.

The new complexities of water heater standards will make it much more difficult for the DIY homeowner to install the new water heater models. Read more.

How do you unclog a toilet without a plunger?
There's a legit answer to that question.

Ghost Hunters is BACK this Wednesday at 9/8c on Syfy. For more Ghost Hunters visit: www.syfy.com/ghosthunters/

pixvid.me/DrainsNotDraining Are you experiencing problems with the drains in your home? Showers and sinks draining slowly? This can be an indication t...

pixvid.me/TubClogged Many tub and shower drains will experience frequent clogs, so if your shower won't drain properly, here area few tips to fix it a...

Frozen pipes can wreak havoc on your home. With 24/7 services and our prevention tips for frozen pipes, Roto-Rooter is here to help.