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The Summer Olympics are one year away and the excitement is mounting for NBC and athletes in the five sports added to the Tokyo Games.

Show your love for Van Gogh with this 100 percent hand-painted reproduction of Road with Cypress and Star from overstockArt.

PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — Aretha Franklin’s sons disagree about who should manage what could be a multimillion-dollar estate. Attorneys for Theodore White II last week told a Michigan judge in a …

NEW YORK (AP) — CBS chose the middle of the summer for Norah O’Donnell to debut as “CBS Evening News” anchor, so probably should not be surprised that not too many people noticed.…

The No. 1 U.S. car retailer had named an outsider as CEO but now has turned to a consumer veteran.

The BBC found examples of app users logging harmful habits or punishing themselves for over-eating.

Frontier hotels ranged from fleabit and bedbug-infested to extravagant abodes fit for a prince. The private rooms had wall hooks to hang your clothes and a porcelain basin and washstand for personal grooming. Dormers accommodated the cheapest guests with bunks. Early hotels had a privy out back and chamber pots in the rooms. In 1871, Tucson, Arizona Territory, boasted just one tub in town. A pump at the town well often did the trick.

Given the long-standing recognition of the need to maintain in-flight security, NBAA is working with the FAA and others to identify a means of ensuring operators can continue to opt out from having their flights tracked in real time, once a mandate for installation of new ADS-B technology takes effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

Dyslexia manifests in many ways.  Some signs of dyslexia are obvious: difficulty reading, writing, and spelling.  Other signs are more subt

The fourth Saturday is WAM's day for family artmaking and fun. Discover art with special gallery explorations and wildly super art projects--big and small. Drop in anytime or stay the whole day with us. Learn about portraits in WAM's exhibitions, and create a special assemblage. Activities will take place in the Art Studio and Living Room.

There is something charming about a western jailhouse. One pictures Matt Dillon locking up a desperado and putting the keys out of reach. Perhaps, the desperado is a poet.
Listless he eyes the jailhouse bars
And the sheriff in the glare;
The floor is barren as a dusty street
Now his life has ended there.

The group has achieved a pre-tax profit of £554,440 for the year to 31 March 2019, which has led to a total of £55,344 to be paid out

Employee engagement is the cornerstone of every organization. But is important that you engage your employees keeping in mind your brand reputation. How do you engage your employees to live up to your brand promise?