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Muc-Off might be best known for its lurid pink bike cleaner, but the brand now wants to be part of your whole bike cleaning experience with a new, bike specific pressure washer that offers a bearing-friendly low-pressure mode as well as the usual dirt peeling power-wash options.

This article will give homeowners a couple of tips for getting a green garage door.

The month of May is Movers Month. In celebration of it, we surveyed 1,000 US adults who have moved within the last year. Here are the top four tips from their wisdom
Always change your door locks . Believe it or not, nearly 37% of new movers haven’t changed their locks and 24% don’t have plans to.
Patch and paint your own walls. Nearly 3 in 5 recent movers have done this themselves, and with the new ProjectColor app takes the guess work…

Southern Drawl V15 "Two years of obsession over a single boulder problem. Eight of the hardest moves I've ever tried. It's hard to fully describe my experien...

The first elite women's race of the season has just taken place and the results are in!Get the latest 2019 UCI DH WC news and results at here

Editor's note: The following was submitted by a dispatcher in celebration of National Telecommunicators Week.

A reader asked about choosing a probioitic supplement, so I went straight to an expert to learn what makes the best probiotic supplement. Q: I want to take a probiotic supplement for better health. How do I know which are the better and stronger strains? To me, this question is like asking what's the best form of transportation. It depends on a bunch of things. The best probiotic (or means of transportation) in one situation is certainly not the best in another. And…

Industrial Natural Acacia Dining Table - Coaster Fine Furniture

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San Francisco is one of the most expensive U.S. cities, which means you'll have to get used to a small space. Live big in a small San Francisco apartment!

Seven months and $20 million worth of work shown in 1 minute! Here’s an amazing time-lapse video of our high-tech Network Operations Center being renovated l...

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Contemporary Five-Piece Metal Dinette Set - Coaster Fine Furniture

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"My garage door broke and I needed a garage door repair service to get it fixed…

What is it: Formerly the Scion iM, then the Toyota iM, this good-looking, well-equipped compact hatchback has finally settled into the family tree as the Toyota Corolla hatchback. It's not a hot ...

Functional fitness industry leader, Aktiv Solutions, has now expanded the distribution of its ground-breaking Aktiv Virtual platform to hotels and resorts beyond North America. Having successfully launched its pilot system as part of Hilton Hotels & Resorts' in-room program "Five Feet to Fitness™" in 2018, the platform is now destined for an estimated 5,000 hospitality guest rooms and fitness centers worldwide.

Some probiotics are formulated to address conditions that predominantly affect women. These are the ones doctors and nutritionists recommend.

An oxygen sensor is an important part of your vehicle's emission control system. Can you clean an oxygen sensor or should you replace it?

There are numerous reasons to recycle a car battery. If you think recycling your car's battery is pointless, here are six reasons to change your mind.

Probiotics. You’ve probably heard about them. People toss the term around in a positive context: “You need probiotics. They’re good for your gut!” But what are they? What ty…

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Sales growth of private-label products was more than three times the rate of branded products in 2017, according to the Nielson Co. in its study of consumer goods. Nielson also said, “Retailer-branded, private-label products have surmounted stigmas of value and quality. In the last year, we’ve seen a complete reversal in growth trajectory compared to manufacturer branded items.”
Meanwhile, an informal survey of private-label manufacturers at…

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