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Considering the costs, many people view replacing a back tooth as less important than a more visible front tooth. They’re rarely seen, so who will notice?
You might, eventually. A missing back tooth can set off a chain reaction of problems that can affect your overall dental health. Besides p

In February, the American Dental Association sponsors Children’s Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health for kids of all ages. It’s a great time to focus on concerns unique to children—teething, for example. This stage of development can be s

As a basic orthodontic appliance, braces are what allows us to move teeth into better positions to improve a person’s bite. In certain cases, though, this treatment application gets a little assistance from Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) to improve accuracy and reduce treatment time.

If your cat's breath consistently makes you wrinkle your nose, it could be a sign that something’s wrong. Here are some common causes of bad breath in cats, and ways to prevent and treat this condition.

The topical products we use on ourselves and even our pets could cause big problems if accidentally ingested or administered incorrectly. Here’s how to keep your pets safe.

Whether it's a day at the beach or a summer hike, there are precautions you can take be safer. June is the perfect time to learn how keep kids safe all summer.

If you're feeling weak in the knees (and not in a good way), try these easy exercises to kick knee pain to the curb.

Too much sitting around? Encourage health at your company or organization by celebrating the American Diabetes Association’s National #GetFitDontSit Day on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.

In honor of National Dog Day (August 26), take advantage of a ready and willing workout partner — your canine companion! Nothing like working up a sweat (or a pant) with man's BFF.