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Gua sha is an ancient treatment that can be used to treat chronic neck pain. Gua sha uses gentle scraping to improve blood circulation and promote healing to the painful area.

Why Scripts Don’t Sell
I just returned back from Israel having gone over for a big family wedding. Only problem was the wedding party was cancelled at the last minute due to a critical illness in the bride’s family. Still, close friends and family of the bride and groom got together with the newlyweds to watch two videos prepared by the groom’s father and friends
What happened next was pure spontaneity. Without planning a huge celebration broke out. Chairs were brought to the…

Starting a new business requires courage. Maintaining a successful business requires dedication. Running any business requires money. Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or a veteran CEO, as a b…

Neck pain can be relieved by stretching, strengthening, and aerobic conditioning with these neck exercises.

In this episode, John Jantsch and Laura Vanderkam, author of several time-management and productivity books, discuss her new book, Off the Clock.

Publix President and Chief Executive Officer Todd Jones announced Marcy Benton has been named vice president of human resources and John Provenzano has been named vice president of public affairs. In Benton’s new role, she will be responsible for all human resources functions. She began her Publ...

Tom's happy to have The Excellence Dividend included in a very short list—three titles—of books recommended by the Financial Times for summer. If you have a subscription, you can read their review here.

For those of you who like to wait until the last minute; The “last minute” is officially here! We’re about to close registration for our 2018 Virtual Sales Camp program so if you want to download it; Better do it NOW! It’s 100 tips and tactics, 15 sales email templates, 1 cold call template, 4 … continue reading »

The Kroger Co. hosted its third Natural Foods Innovation Summit in partnership with 84.51°, in Cincinnati. Justin Gold, an accomplished, innovative entrepreneur and founder of Justin's, a natural and organic nut butters brand, spoke at the summit.

In the fall of 2017, Potandon and Baker & Murakami joined forces as part of a newly formed merger to begin marketing onions from a new state-of-the-art onion facility, and the year one results have been impressive. This strong alliance heads into year two with great momentum as the partnership c...

We'll always have Paris, the beach, the classroom, the vampire lair… Now that the year is more than halfway over, we decided to look bac...

Regardless of which medical treatments you are undergoing, it can always be helpful to understand your non-medical treatment options to help manage chronic back pain.

A survey found an average of £117 worth of fiddled claims per person per month gets through the net.

Top salespeople are often put on a pedestal by their company and peers because they generate more revenue than anybody else. This can lead to exceptional privileges as they carry t

Make Lemonade is a coworking space for women in downtown Toronto. This is a
shared workspace for women to create, dream, collaborate, inspire and*t.done.

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