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As 2017 comes to a close, as indie authors, we must start planning on how to rock book marketing for 2018. Consider these 5 things if you haven't already.

Welcome to December’s content ideas for your indie author book marketing! In a world where creativity and authenticity is required and demanded, these December #contentideas… Click To Tweet Yes, many of us just want to tuck away in our jammies with a mug of eggnog and rum but book marketing never ends! And remember, it’s …

Zayat, 25, who runs Zayat Stables with his father Ahmed Zayat, said they knew their homebred horse could win the minute they saddled him up that day.

#Westport Winter Farmers’ Market to Hold End of Season Farm-to-Food Truck Party! #FairfieldCounty

Choice of:
$20 Value Towards Food for Two or More
$40 Value Towards Food for Four or More
Dinner Package: Pizza, Appetizer, and Salad. Includes:
Any large pizza up to $18.95
Any appetizer up to $9.75
Any salad up to $10
For menus, click here.

Press the reset button! Craft a vivid and compelling vision for the Boys Scouts of America 2.0. If you want to include everyone, consider changing the name to reflect the new direction
A vision is best presented as a story that people can relate to. From an early age, we have all learned to learn through stories. Present your vision as a story that your people can imagine being part of and personally succeeding through and you will engage them in the process…

by Paul Castain on October 20, 2017
What if we DIDN’T allow others to talk us down on price
Here are a few reasons why it might be something to consider.
1) “It isn’t fair to my other clients who pay full price!”
I put that one in quotes, because that’s what I say, word for word, when someone wants to play “Let’s make a deal with Uncle Paul”
When you think about it, it really isn’t fair to reward people based on…

by Paul Castain on October 20, 2017
Having attended numerous sales kick-off meetings I’ve seen some really big mistakes that cost companies time and money
Here they are in no particular order
Focusing On Things That Really DON’T Matter To Your Team
How do you know what matters to them? How about asking them? I know, this is why I make the big bucks!
In addition, have them all fill out this checklist . It will give you thoughts on topics that are…

Starbucks, the largest corporate coffee chain in the world, famously calls its employees partners. Whether you view that with cynicism or admiration, the intention is clear: to instill a feeling in…

At its investor meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 10, Walmart discussed its plan to emphasize e-commerce growth. Company officials said e-commerce sales should increase by about 40 percent next year as Walmart adds more than 1,000 grocery pickup locations. Executives with the company also said that th...

Mountain View Fruit Sales, known for its stone fruit program, is starting a California citrus deal and is partnering with Eastside Packing to add commodities to its premium quality and customer service based program. “We have been working on getting into the citrus deal for many years, but findi...

Costco Wholesale intends to expand its partnership with Instacart and has launched an online shopping service, CostcoGrocery. The deal with Instacart will continue to add locations through the end of next September. Instacart currently delivers about 1,700 fresh and nonperishable Costco items. C...

Urban legends have a way of sticking around for years. They can be a big drag for businesses that find …

Choice of
One Basic Oil Change
One Full-Service Oil Change with Fluid Fill and Tire Check
Antifreeze: Keeping Cars Cold-Blooded
Techs will top off of your car’s fluids, including antifreeze. Check out our guide to find out how this elixir keeps your car from sweating.
An engine’s rapidly moving parts generate a lot of heat, and while water is extremely effective at keeping things cool, two things make it a poor choice inside a radiator. For one, it can cause the metal to…

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It's been six years since Army Sgt. Jin Nakamura was serving in a combat zone in Iraq. While fighting for his country, Nakamura learned he was about to be

Homework stress is real — and exhausting for parents and students alike. Spare your family the drama and fights by following this six-step homework system designed for children with ADHD and learni…

Your baby’s teeth are just as vital as your adult teeth. Primary teeth create space for permanent teeth.

Make mornings a little easier with breakfasts that eat like treats. Looks are deceiving here, though: They're all fun on the outside, nutritious inside.

Recent research identifies an optimal age for putting your kids in music lessons.

ALZHEIMER'S: EVERY MINUTE COUNTS is an urgent wake-up call about the national public health threat posed by Alzheimer's disease.

Keeping publishing fresh and alive is about entertaining readers, finding new readers. Yes, as an author you have to learn the marketing side too, but without readers, we’re nothing. And we c…

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