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Reading books is definitely part of my life. It has become natural to me just like brushing my teeth or going to the gym and all the other activities. I have chosen to integrate books

Cold calling, if you do it well, can help you prospect, develop relationships and boost conversions. In this guide, I’ll walk you through exactly why cold calling is still important and how you can learn to be an effective cold-calling powerhouse in no time.

A long time ago, in a sales cubicle far away . . . That’s how I begin my story. And what “story” is that and WHY should YOU care? It’s the story I send prior to EVERY new business appointment and included in EVERY proposal. It’s the story in my LinkedIn summary and “About … continue reading »

This article outlines the four key components of a self-care program for patients to manage the low back pain and other symptoms of degenerative disc disease and avoid surgery.

Looking for ways to learn to type fast? Here're 8 most effective games and mobile apps to teach you to type faster in a fun way.

Is a reading habit really good for you? Yes, it is. We should read fiction for the following 10 really good reasons.

There was a time when I would have laughed you out of the room if you told me that sales people should tell stories. To me, stories were best for that “motivational speaker” or parent tucking their child into bed. Stories represented some warm, fuzzy, feelgood type of approach that I DIDN’T see sales professionals … continue reading »

The C5-C6 level of the cervical spine, or neck, helps provide support and flexibility.

Here's this weeks updated list of cameras, lenses and accessories available from the Used Equipment Department at Bergen County Camera
Interested in an item? We ship everywhere, and can provide detailed information about every item listed here. Simply contact Paul Brodek, our Used Equipment Buyer, paulb@bergencountycamera.com or toll-free at 800-841-4118 ext. 218.
Check out our Used Equipment Guide for information regarding condition ratings and…

The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas will be celebrating the first ever Women’s Leadership Invitational during its 50th fall convention. The event will feature women from all walks of life who inspire and lead the way in the produce industry. The agenda for this year’s convention is pack...

Learn How Family Fall Festivals in NYC Can Help You Survive Until Winter With Westgate Resorts handy guide on fall festivals in and around Manhattan! Fall festivals are new trend leading into September so get a jump on the New York City fall festival scene here, especially if you're visiting the Big Apple with family!

Are you stuck for pizza advertising ideas? We show you seven advertising strategies you can use to get more customers faster compared to organic search.

Sprouts Farmers Market opened its first store in Pennsylvania yesterday. The healthy grocer reached its 16th year of operation last month and the new Philadelphia location is one of more than 300 stores from coast to coast. Sprouts has been a driving force for making healthy food affordable and ...

Dole Food Co. is capitalizing on the growing demand for its salad kits and increased popularity of miso and Japanese flavors with the North American launch of the Dole Spinach Miso Crunch Premium Salad Kit. Offering a nutritious, Japanese-influenced flavor experience, the restaurant-inspired new...

When I was 20 I toured Europe for 3 months.My brother Anders and our buddy Steve and I. It was an incredible experience. And the crazy thing? WE WERE BROKE.

In this post, I'll share 21 unusual and interesting facts about Ecuador: weird wildlife, uncommon food, geographic features & other interesting facts about Ecuador.