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Sixteen-year-old Aiyana Rowe didn’t think that school mattered. She frequently cut class in middle school to hang out with friends and smoke pot. She started running away from home at age 12. For …

During the winter months, it’s easier to get sick with the cold or the flu — which makes staying healthy this time of year even more of a priority. Contrary to popular belief, eating chicken soup won’t cure the common cold and drinking orange juice won’t prevent you from getting sick. However, maintaining...

Teen mothers face significant challenges with only half graduating from high school and fewer than 2 percent earning college degrees. Thanks to the Arvada Community Development Block Grant, Hope …

If there were a chain made for the Millennial “Netflix and chill” crowd, it’s Papa Murphy’s.

Summit County Colorado, a beautiful mountain playground where active lifestyles are the norm, has the highest life expectancy of any county in the U.S.

Two local nonprofits are coming together for Colorado moms -- teenage moms who have successfully completed programs offered by Hope House of Colorado.

Children need healthy teeth to chew their food, speak and have a good-looking smile. Here are nutrition tips for a balanced diet and how to prevent cavities and keep your child's mouth healthy for life.

Asia, AMRI’s team combines scientific expertise and market-leading technology to provide a complete suite of solutions in Discovery, Development, Analytical Services, API Manufacturing and Drug Product. We’ve got it down to an exact science.

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AMRI, a global contract research and manufacturing organization, partners with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. With locations in North America, Europe

Many things taste delicious on the grill, but your kid may disagree. we kid-tested these recipes and got an A+ from our picky eaters. Here are our top 5 kid-friendly grilling recipes!