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Kenwood DDX395
6.2" DVD Receiver with Bluetooth
6.2" Wide VGA Color LCD Display with LED Backlight
Clear Resistive Panel
Touch Panel Control , Variable Key Illumination
Bluetooth Built-in (Hands-Free Profile / Audio Profile(A2DP) (AAC)/ SPP)
Android Rapid Charge
RCA Video Input for Rear View Camera(Parking Guide Line)
Dual Phone Connection
Wireless Music Browsing
Feature Highlights
iDatalink Maestro RRWhen an Automotive Data Solutions iDatalink Maestro RR is…

By creating a lightweight, 3D-printed “transmission,” engineers were able to build a hand that is strong when it needs to be and fast when it needs to be.

★★★★☆ You can't do wrong picking this place. Very good experience.

Many children can write their names at five-years-old. While some will write sooner and others later, most children at this age can create a string of letter-li...

Today, we want to dive into the why. Is coffee healthy? How does it help/hurt your workout progress, and how much should you have?

The idea of the “gap year” has been around since the 1960’s. Originating as a time for young people to travel independently, it has grown to serve different purposes over the years. Certainly, travel remains a large aspect of a gap year, but many people also work to incorporate ways to give back, as well …

Batteries are one of the most common tools we use in the workplace.

Our analysts recommend motorists hold off on filling their tanks for now thanks to the large, 7% single-day drop in the price of crude oil, which extended the record streak of 12 days that oil has moved lower.

In this special edition of Fresh Tracks we have a guided meditation on the Law of Success. Do you expect Success in everything you do? Did you know that success is your birthright? The Law of Success is one of the 12 Universal Laws each of us uses as we manifest (whether we know it or … Continue reading Law of Success Meditation →

This is a 10-15 minute morning sequence designed to wake up the body and target all of the places that might need a little extra space and life breathed into th

Check out what our big box locations have to offer!

The Amarillo VA is building a new rehabilitation and prosthetics facility through a $9.9 million award.

Series 51 T-Carb and Z-Carb HPR Expansions
KYOCERA SGS PRECISION TOOLS (KSPT) has expanded the T-Carb lineup of tools to now include 58 new items with a corner radius. Additionally, we have also added 50 items to our Z-Carb HPR (Z5) series of tools. These items will be in the 1/2 and 12mm diameters with a coolant through hole.
Press Release

Daylight savings time during your gap doesn't have to be a gloomy one. Make the most of daylight savings with helpful tips from Up with People.

If there were a chain made for the Millennial “Netflix and chill” crowd, it’s Papa Murphy’s.

DJI has announced updates to its drone geofencing technology, including a data provider switch from AirMap to PrecisionHawk. DJI says it is improving its geofencing technology to refine the airspace limitations for drone flights near airports in order to provide smarter protection for airplanes in critical areas. The updated Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) Version 2.0 …

Focal 165CA1SG
6.5" Coaxial Speaker Set
Focals 165CA1 SG Coaxial 165mm (6.5") speaker kit is complete with built-in crossover and rotating tweeter. The 165 CA1 combines excellent power handling, dynamics, bass quality and good sensitivity. It will also allow direct connection to a High Power car radio
120 Watt Power Handling
Built-In Crossover
Rotating Inverted Dome Tweeter
All Weather Woven Fiberglass Cone
Car Toys thoughts on…

The SUH Luncheon began in 1994 as Network for the Needy. It started when hospitality organizations decided to work together toward the common goal of ending hunger in our community. Almost everything is donated and 100% of the proceeds benefit Food Bank of the Rockies and its Denver’s Table program. At last year’s SUH luncheon MIC of Colorado donated over $30,000 and over 12,850 meals, contributing to an overall total of 132,850 meals to the Food Bank of the Rockies and has donated…

Guest Editorial by Kevin Gramer, Vice President, Thruvision Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, protecting the flying public has been the top priority of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). A focus of this effort has been the airport security checkpoint. But as terrorists adopt their tactics and focus on events, public venues and surface …

Up with People har uppträtt i över 70 länder över hela världen och setts av över 1,1 miljon människor
Den två timmar långa produktionen innehåller nyskriven modern musik och internationella sånger och danser som inspirerar, ger energi till och underhåller publiken. Up with People-showen har ett unikt artistiskt format som är underhållande, autentiskt och som framhäver de band som förenar unga människor över hela världen

Kenwood eXcelon KFC-XW100
10" eXcelon Subwoofer
Kenwood's Performance and ReliabilityLow frequency output has been improved by increasing the cone area without changing the cutout diameter. By adopting a "Stress-free Spider" and a "Thermal Efficient System" the mechanical and thermal durability has also been improved dramatically delivering smooth and strong bass sound with long lasting reliability
Square Array PatternBy using a polypropylene woofer cone with a "Square…

Summit County Colorado, a beautiful mountain playground where active lifestyles are the norm, has the highest life expectancy of any county in the U.S.

Programmable thermostats are a great way to save money (and energy). But you won’t automatically save energy or money simply because you have one installed. You've got to understand how they work, and program them to maximize your savings.

To enter, go to the 9NEWS Halloween Costume Sweepstakes post on Facebook and comment with a photo showing off your favorite costume photo!

Halloween is Wednesday and thousands of children will hit the streets in the Denver metro area for trick-or-treating. Make sure your ghost or goblin stays safe with some important reminders.

NEW SHAPE: The Gambit 113
Folsom’s first flagship powder ski, the original Gambit was born way back in 2009. The shape’s early design created a wide-waisted ski with calculated amounts of tip and tail taper to provide the ski with a responsive turn style. The result? A nimble powder ski with a sprinkle of all-mountain capability. In addition to racking up countless positive reviews from individual…

Listed below are 6 different ways of loving, from the “Love Attitude Scale” created by Claude and Susan Hendrick. All are valid styles that reflect different attitudes about love, and you may have more than one style. Which styles fit …

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.