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If possible, keep a window cracked open while the fire burns
Make sure the damper or flue is open before starting a fire. Do not close the damper until the embers have completely stopped burning.
Use dry and well-aged wood. Wet or green wood triggers more smoke and soot buildup in the chimney.
Clean out ashes before every fire. Ash at the base of the fireplace should be kept to 1 inch or less. A thicker layer restricts the air supply to logs,…

Chicken soup when you have a cold, beef stew when it's snowing outside and tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich are among the best comfort foods for when the weather turns cold.

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The term claw toe is most likely derived from the affected toe's similarity in appearance to the claw of an animal or talon of a bird (see the image below). The talon typically curves upward before it makes a descending C-shaped curve.

Most experts recommend that non-surgical care should be used at first to treat most UCL injuries. Non-surgical rehabilitation of these injuries is usually guided by a course of physical therapy and broken down into three phases. The goals of phase 1 are to reduce pain and restore pain-free elbow and shoulder motion through a variety of strengthening exercises. Once the patient can perform certain movements with…