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Avoiding the topic or being dishonest when kids ask questions about traumatic news or events can do more harm than good.

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Diabetic Foot Infection: What You Should Know
What is a diabetic foot infection
It is an infection in the skin, muscles, or bones of the foot in people who have diabetes.
What causes it?
Over time, high blood sugar levels cause changes to the skin, nerves, and blood vessels in the feet. If you have damaged nerves, you may lose feeling in your feet and you won't be able to feel small cuts, scrapes, blisters, or even pressure…

Traveling this Summer? Follow these Essential Tips for a Healthy Trip
Last updated: Jul 17, 2018
Summer is the season of vacation and exploration, and one in four Americans will hit the road this summer in search of fun and relaxation, according to the American Automobile Association. While exciting, traveling can present hazards that can turn a vacation into a health emergency. The key rule in…

Sleep well, since getting a good night's sleep helps improve eating habits, mood and memory.
Add yoga or meditation to your life.
Finding coping methods, such as a brisk walk, volunteering or starting a new hobby.
Get plenty of regular exercise.
Eat a balanced diet.

The labrum is a piece of cartilage shaped like a cup that's attached to the rim of the shoulder socket. Its function is to secure the shoulder socket and keep the ball of the joint in place during movement, but this cartilage can tear either from an injury or due to the aging process. The result is called a labral tear, which may or may not cause symptoms depending on how severe it is. Labral tears are difficult to diagnose, and the methods…