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Follow our racers progress, brand stories, developments, and our social activities all from the Santa Cruz Bikes blog.

Some of our Women's Bicycles Village Cycle Center - The Bike Experts in Chicago for Bicycle Sales, Bicycle Service, Bicycle Parts...

Welcome to the Santa Cruz Bicycles webstore, your one-stop shop for anything that bolts onto, press fits into, or otherwise adheres to your Santa Cruz bike. It's also the place for any Santa Cruz related clothing fit for racing bikes, or keeping warm or staying cool, as well as a wide assortment of stuff to drink out of, hang on walls, and plaster on car windows. We're the brand. Wear the brand.

Caution becomes the word of the day as adults roll into the ER with a whole lot of (serious) injuries.

In 2009 designer Gianluca Gimini started asking friends and strangers to draw a men's bicycle from memory. While some got it right, most made technical errors -- missing fundaments parts of the frame or chain. The exercise is similar to psychological tests used to demonstrate how little we know compared to what we think we... Bike Shop official home page. Your gateway to folding bicycle services, folding bicycle sales, and bicycle touring. We feature bicycles by Bike Friday, Montague, Worksman and Sycip. We feature accessories by Arkel, BionX, Light and Motion, TiGR.

We have sold and repaired bicycles in the Utah valley since 1997, started a MTB bike team, have sponsored numerous service projects and fundraising; and involved in making the streets safer for bikes.

Update 1/27/15: We have located three additional bikes possibly related to this case whose owner(s) we’d like to identify. If you recognize any of these bicycles, please contact us at 650-903…

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Meet Charles Youel, the man behind the pop-up poster design shows rolling into cities around the globe.

Learn about sharing the road with motorcycles and bicycles safely, and your responsibility to take extra care when driving near one of these small vehicles.

Bicycle Service & Repair
Bicycle Service and Repair
Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, a broken spoke replaced or a complete overhaul that makes your bicycle run and look even better than new, we're bike repair experts with the experience, knowledge and factory training to do the job right the first time, every time. We've prepared this chart to provide a menu of our common bicycle services and repairs. Please contact us any time. Or, even better, bring your bike in to discuss…

Buy your next bicycle at A-1 Cycling. They sell quality bikes and equipment in their Manassas VA and Herndon Virginia store locations with competitive prices. Bikes come with a lifetime warranty with no charge for parts or labor.

Wood is making a comeback in several engineering and manufacturing areas, from skyscrapers to bicycles. Two-wheeled wooden transport is going from purely a novelty to serious manufacturing as more companies enter the field. They are engineering bikes that not only offer no compromise over traditional metal or more modern carbon fiber frames, but also they are adopting sophisticated construction techniques that pair the beauty, warmth and…

Landry's Bicycles is a top-rated bicycle dealer, with local stores in Boston, Braintree, Natick, Newton, Norwood, Westborough, and Worcester (Massachusetts). Landry's features the best bike brands in the business, including Trek, Specialized, Electra, Santa Cruz, Parlee Cycles, Alchemy Bicycles, Brompton folding bikes, and more. We also offer full service and repairs on all types of bikes.

Don’t disappoint your bike. Registration for the second annual Bike Travel Weekend, June 2–4 is free and easy. Plus, you could win stuff, including a new bike from Advocate Cycles, but don’t tell y

ReferencePeterman JE, Morris KL, Kram R, Byrnes WC. Pedelecs as a physically active transportation mode. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2016;116(8):1565-1573. DesignOpen, single arm studyObjectiveTo determine if use of pedelectric bicycles for real-world commuting improves cardiometabolic risk factorsParticipantsTwenty sedentary individuals (14 female, 6 male) who did not perform regular exercise and commuted to work by car and/or public transit participated in the study.