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The Concealed Carry Wear Holster Shirt offers the most comfortable deep carry option. It is a standard T-shirt with an elastic holster sewn in.

Delighted with the results of their first experience with our design program, Richard and Diane Mayweather are back for more. Thanks to their local H Designer, they were already enjoying a beautifully redone bedroom and dining space - now it was time to bring that level of style to the rest of their Texas home
The Classique Sofa: Formal meets fresh in this elegant, diamond-tufted piece.
To incorporate their love of classic silhouettes, the Mayweathers' H Designer chose our Classique sofa as the…

Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the theft of a wallet and subsequent use of credit cards in the wallet by a woman captured on surveillance video using the cards
The victim reported the theft of his wallet on March 13 th from the Marathon City Marina. He said he left the wallet in one of the shower stalls. And by the time he realized it, the wallet was gone. He had a total of 11 fraudulent charges on the card, all in the Marathon…

InnovoPro, which develops a technology for extracting concentrated protein from chickpeas, and Hargol FoodTech, a commercial grasshopper farming startup, were selected out of 10 finalists

Moinian Group has secured a $55.3 million loan for 450-460 Park Avenue South.
North American Company for Life and Health Insurance provided the loan

Crushed mint leaves make our Perfect Peach Iced Tea recipe crisp, cool and, yes, perfect.

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Effective Sept 1, 2018, BASF has announced price increase as listed below for a few of their Acrylics and Plasticizers: Palatinol® DOTP by $0.02 per pound Palatinol® TOTM by $0.03 per pound Plastomoll® DOA by $0.02 per pound 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate by $0.05 per pound Butyl Acrylate by $0.05 per ...

Ares Management bought a 400-unit garden apartment complex in Westchester County for more than $100 million.
The Los Angeles-based alternative asse

Back-to-school season is quickly approaching, which means family vehicles will start working overtime. The Car Care Council has released an informative new video that will help families get their vehicles ready for car pools, playdates, soccer games and more this fall. “Back-to-school time is hectic for most families but scheduling a complete vehicle inspection is READ MORE »

Here is a quick follow up video showing why we like taking long strategies on bullish trading days. Especially when you own the Person Algo Optimizer! Person...

The evidence to date points to a benefit from reducing or eliminating nighttime eating. But it is too soon to recommend altering meal times for cancer prevention.

Here's the video that can help traders overcome analysis paralysis otherwise known as "traders Block". Think of this, if you have a great auto-trading strate...

There will be one new real estate event in New York City next week.
On Aug. 27, is hosting its monthly Real Estate Investor Meet Up ev

Navillus, one of the city's most active concrete contractors, has reached an agreement with the unions to toss a $76 million judgment against the comp

iPod/MP3 Input, CD Player, Keyless Start, Dual Zone A/C.
FLEXIBLE SEATING GROUP Easy Entry System Seat, 3rd Row 50/50 Fold/Reclining Seat, 2nd Row 40/60 Tilt & Slide…

Eastern Star Development pre-filed permits to replace the Riff Hotel at 300 West 30th Street with a 16-story condo building.
The Flushing-based fir

If you want to train and get better at real life self-defense, join us on the ASP Extra channel to learn how to respond to situations like we must teach our ...

Nearly a year after the catastrophic Equifax hack exposed 147 million Americans' personal and financial data to cybercriminals, consumers are about to

If your devices aren't protected, you're prey. No matter who you are. From director Lance Acord comes the third chapter in the thrilling saga of The Wolf sta...

According to this week's market reports, American millennials are down on the prospect of homeownership and New York registered an average asking rent

“I don’t believe anybody has ever had it all without making difficult choices along the way.”~ Dr. Terri Cooper. Get ready as I am so excited!

Make the most out of your wearables by connecting them to a 4G LTE network. This helpful article from U.S. Cellular® tells you all you need to know.

For some homeowners in the tristate area, 10 percent of their annual salary goes right to paying property taxes on their homes.
In Westchester, hom

The little Invest 99L that was identified Thursday by the National Hurricane Center is struggling in the tropical Atlantic with just a 10 percent chance of development over the next 5 days.
That's a decrease from the original forecast that gave it a 20 percent chance, and forecasters are now saying significant development is not expected.
BOOKMARK: The Palm Beach Post’s Storm Tracking Map
Hurricane center specialist Erik Blake made note of the...