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C.W.S. is your neighborhood Bar + Kitchen serving up some great food and drink with some good ole hospitality. We are damn glad to meet you.

I used to insist that my hunting rifles weighed 8 pounds or less, with scope. Not any more

When a parent or relative can’t take care of their own affairs anymore, the lion’s share of the work frequently falls on the ones living closest to them. But what if the nearest isn’t nearby?

Everything’s Included by Lennar, the leading homebuilder of new homes for sale in the nation’s most desirable real estate markets.

Help your partner get back to work without taking over The job search can be incredibly difficult. That’s why people give up; they’re tired of getting their hopes up only to ultimately be rejected.…

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You can’t change your parents -- can’t rescue them either. But you can focus on the present and choose not to be broken by the past. As a caregiver, you may even find some good. With the right approach, attitude and support, you may be able to find compassion for your parent—and for yourself.

Antony and Cleopatra, Kermit and Miss Piggy, peanut butter and chocolate—when two soul mates find each other, history remembers. Think of your ideal match while you take our quiz below. We’ll help you find an essential oil love that will last for all time!
We’re quiz obsessed! Want more? Find the diffuser

Today, addressing complex societal challenges has become a mandate for business. It’s now a common occurrence to see businesses pledging to tackle societal issues that have previously gone unmet.

Glock’s Model 21 is a big gun — not only in size (8.07 inches long, 1.34 inches wide, 5.51 inches high) but also in caliber (.45 ACP) and capacity (13+1).

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Home Care Services Stonybrook NY-When it comes to preparing for a severe weather emergency, it is not just your senior themselves that needs to be prepared. Readiness also involves their environment, and that means preparing their home for the weather emergency. Here are some tips to help.

Yulong Eco-Materials Ltd. said it will take the carved gem on a tour of museums around the world.

Florida ranks #1 for states with the fastest growth rate in terms of the number of women-owned firms between 2007 and 2018.

Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reports that the ranks of those seeking concealed-carry permits are not limited to crazy, gun-totin’ right-wingers. A nation on edge has driven a surge in concealed carry gun licenses, but those getting…

A cracked glass window can be a worrisome event. But they can often be fixed by blending a solution into the chip or crack. A temporary fix to a broken house window can help you to hold off on costly home window repairs. Fixing a windshield can get you to where you are going safely.

Comfort Fit rings have a rounded interior specifically designed for the most comfortable all-day wear. The contemporary metal Tungsten Carbide offers strength and durability to every design. The power of Tungsten Carbide with the enduring luster of diamonds 12 round diamonds channel set in steel with a total weight o

The City of Boynton Beach and the Boynton Beach Police Department teamed up to give away a product in an effort to improve communication with police officers and drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing. It’s part of their latest initiative to help eliminate stress in an already tense interaction. The Pullover Pal will help overcome the communication barrier, according to the city.

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Jet Aviation has received authorization from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in Saudi Arabia to provide handling services at Prince Abdul Mohsin Bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport in Yanbu, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sprint is one of the winners of TelecomLead Innovation Leaders 2018 Award for deploying The Magic Box small cell solution in the US. Sprint, owned by SoftBank of Japan, is the fourth largest telecom operator in the US. Sprint unveiled the world’s first all-wireless small cell with several innovative features. Sprint Magic Box — manufactured …

Your expert contour and glowing cheekbones are thanks to top-quality makeup, dozens of YouTube tutorials, and beautiful makeup brushes. But did you know that your brushes can become a breeding ground for bacteria? Take a deep breath and brush off that bacteria stress, because we’re here to teach you how to clean your makeup brushes. With this ...

If you've been in a car accident, you may already know that insurance companies often make it tremendously difficult to get the appropriate compensation for ...

Jet Aviation today announced it has formed a new region for Asia-Pacific (APAC) and appointed Joe Reckling SVP Regional Operations APAC, effective immediately. The company also appointed David Best, current VP Business Development, as its new SVP Strategic Global Growth (SGG), effective December 1. Best succeeds Johannes Turzer, who is retiring from this role at the end of

Learn more about the types of dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease, Lewy body dementia and vascular dementia.

At Schmidts Optical, fo Hearing Aids Palm City, we carry the largest selection of programmable and digital hearing instruments you can find.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the responsibility to protect the health of U.S. consumers by ensuring food, drugs and medical devices are safe. The FDA also has a mission to advance the health of U.S consumers by speeding innovations of such products. The latter is the reason the Public Citizen’s Health Research... View Article

9th Annual Case Law Update 2 hours of Family Board Cert approved CLE (including 0.5 ethics) for only $125 sponsored by Family Law Section of The Florida Bar!!!! To register: Don’t miss Flori…

The National Hurricane Center forecasts Florence to hit the shore late Thursday night or early Friday morning.