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★★★★★ I obtained legal services from the Ciccarelli Law Firm for an upcoming court date where I had been served with five violations. I initially talked over the phone with the attorney who was handling my case and he went over the case with me and explained the next steps. On the date of the hearing I arrived and Tom was already there and was able to lay out the plan for his representation. Due to Tim’s expert handling, all the charges were…

Here's a nice example of that whole omnichannel thing actually being put to use - an all-encompassing fitness app called Tona for individuals and gyms that spans everything smartphone screens to leaderboards everyone sees.

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

A big LED display on the Reuters building in Times Square in New York, one of a few displays on the building, caught fire on Saturday afternoon. One side of the display burned, raining debris as it kept on playing ads.

Even with the most difficult personalities, conflict resolution doesn't have to be hard. Following these steps can eliminate the chaos and transform conflict resolution into a calculated science.

One of the best practices you can establish in your life is to be present. Shannon Cassidy offers five tips on how to live fully present.

Is there cause to worry that city moves to curb surveillance cameras will hurt media companies that also use cameras for audience insights? Probably not ...

Happy Bike to Work Day , Philadelphia! One of the simplest joys of my adult life has been rediscovering the exhilarating bliss of riding a bike. When I was 10 years old, I was in an accident that…

WEST CHESTER — Dr. Diane Picciani, an English as a second language professor, and Tanya Gardener, a Communications Studies professor, always make sure to bring plenty of tissues to Delaware

While I'm not as well-versed in classic movies as I'd like to be, I have an undeniable soft spot for Old Hollywood movie stars and their work. Films like Roman Holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, Singin' in the Rain, starring Gene…

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

Dave’s Automotive Repair now offers complete Auto Body services to assist you when life’s stressful situations arise
If you are in a major accident or minor fender bender you can trust us to provide the services necessary to get you back on the road in a timely manner.
We’ll review the damages and provide you with an accurate estimate. When you bring your vehicle for repair, we’ll arrange for a rental vehicle. And while your car is being repaired, you can count on…

We listened to our customers and revamped our website to showcase more images and provide an easier interface to navigate. After months of working with our awesome developer and countless hours of …

Credentials only tell you so much about prospective employees. Ask compelling interview questions that uncover EI levels to select valuable team members.

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

The Irish Memorial, is not only for the Irish, but a profound importance of the historic role of all immigrants in building America.This memorial overlooks the Delaware River, which is located in a 1.75 acre park in Penn's Landing. Come check this bold looking monument.