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Pokemon GO swaps out Giratina, the Gen 4 legendary ghost and steel-type Pokemon, for the Gen 4 psychic-type lunar Pokemon Cresselia in legendary raids. ...

Documents from the Southern District of Florida detailed how Venezuela's former national treasuer received more than $1 billion in bribes during his role within an illicit foreign currency scheme involving a television mogul who was indicted, according to Reuters. U.S. prosecutors said Alejandro Andrade received properties, luxury watches and cars, and other bribes while running the treasury for four years under the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. Andrade helped facilitate the scheme with

Rep. Marcia Fudge announced on Tuesday she was no longer considering challenging Rep. Nancy Pelosi for the speaker of the House position for the Democrats, according to NBC News. Fudge said she was now supporting Pelosi after Pelosi announced she would reinstate a subcommittee on elections, with Fudge being the chair of that panel. Fudge released a statement which said Pelosi guaranteed her black women would be at the "decision-making table" of the Democratic Party and that she would be able to

President Donald Trump submitted his answers to questions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday, according to ABC News. "The President today answered written questions submitted by The Special Counsel's Office. The questions presented dealt with issues regarding the Russia-related topics of the inquiry. The President responded in writing,” Jay Sekulow, Counsel to the President told ABC News in a statement. Last week, Trump said he was writing the answers to the questions. "I write the

In the wake of a report First Daughter Ivanka Trump violated federal law by using a personal email account to conduct government business, the incoming head of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, said the panel would investigate the violation, The Washington Post reported. Cummings said the committee launched a bipartisan investigation last year into White House officials’ use of personal email, the report said, but the White House did not provide the requested information.

President Donald Trump continued to stand up for Saudi Arabia on Tuesday by releasing a statement which refused to implicate the powerful crown prince in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi even though the CIA reports concluded he was directly involved in the death , according to CNN. Trump's statement began with one of his favorite lines, "America First!" He went on to call Saudi Arabia a "great ally" and contradicted the CIA reports which found Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was

The full membership of the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons voted to reject a Russian-led attempt to curb the new powers given to the agency to place blame on the use of banned toxic munitions in Syria on Tuesday, according to Reuters. The members voted 99 to 27 in favor of passing the increased budget for 2019 while rejecting proposals by Russia and Iran that aimed to block it from increasing its powers. The vote came after tensions escalated this year…

Entrepreneur investor George Hong, the founder of domain Guta.com, announced a major sale in the 8 figures RMB range, Domain Gang reported. The sale, later confirmed by Hong, involves several numeric .com domains, the report said, without any particular information on the exact domain length. The assumption, Domain Gang reported, is the sale involved NNN .com’s and the sale was for at least $1.44 million, with the transaction completed via Escrow.com. Hong, reporting the sale via social media,

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The geo-domain site Denver.com has made a change to its business focus, Domain Gang reported Monday, switching to a cannabis website for Colorado. Several weeks ago, the report said, the homepage changed its message: “Welcome to Denver.com – Denver.com will be the destination for all things cannabis related. Our focus will be helping shoppers find the best products and services in Denver.” The homepage message continues, says: “For Cannabis Businesses Recent laws that have passed in Colorado

Laura A Colman BS, DC, CACCP Jacqueline Merced BS, DC
Objective: To demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractic care in the management of a three-month-old male infant diagnosed with infantile colic
Clinical Features: A three-month-old infant was brought to a chiropractic office with a chief complaint of crying, screaming without noticeable causation, increased frequency of bowel movements and increased urination
Interventions and Outcome: The patient was adjusted…

Start your own adventure with the horses from Dreamwork's original Netflix series, Spirit Riding Free! Spirit, Boomerang, and Chica Linda come with their own...

Create your dream Breyer using the West Wind and Hilltop stables as your base! These Breyer Barns create the perfect home for your Breyer Model Horse Toys. V...