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American Idol, back again for the first time on ABC, has crowned the first winner of its new era. America has spoken, and we chose Maddie Poppe. It's the correct choice; Maddie was the most complete performer throughout the competition. She tried to perform her Idol song "Going, Going, Gone" through her tears of ...

A busy lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with stress. And while stress is known to cause anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and exhaustion, among other

There will be questions about suspensions, favouritism and rivalries, and fashion, parties and candy lines. There will be accusations of slights -- real or imagined -- greeted either with a giggle, an icy stare or a pitch-perfect, withering put down. It can only mean one thing -- Maria Sharapova is about to play in a Grand Slam event. But not just any Grand Slam. This is the French Open where she has won two of her five career majors but where, 12 months…

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly did an interview a few days ago filled with racist comments about immigrants — the Latino ones, of course, not the white ones — and guess who is predictably cheering him on? White supremacists, of course. Following White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s disparaging comments against undocumented …

Scientists warned on Monday the Chinese giant salamander was being driven to extinction in the wild, putting the world's largest amphibian at risk, according to Newsweek. The creatures often weigh more than 140 pounds and can be up to 5.9 feet in length and have been present in Chinese culture for centuries since they are believed to have inspired the Taoist yin and yang symbol. A new landmark study published in Current Biology explained how the historic animals were under threat from human

The mindless sycophants at Fox News are busy trying to find every excuse and rationalization imaginable for Trump and the Russian interference in the election, but this one may take the cake. One Fox host says that the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Trump, Jr., Manafort and Kushner was really set up by Hillary Clinton …

BARCELONA (Reuters) - There was no happy ending for Alvaro Morata at the end of the toughest season of his career, as Spain coach Julen Lopetegui left him out of his World Cup squad on Monday. ...

The United States Supreme Court ruled on Monday employers could block employees from joining together as a class to fight legal disputes in employment arbitration agreements in a win for employers and the Trump administration, according to CNN. Justice Neil Gorsuch delivered his first major opinion since being named to the court last Spring for the 5-4 majority. Analysts noted that this Gorsuch was the personality many Republicans and Democrats expected from his appointment. "Not only is he

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DC's SUPERGIRL series returns this fall, and the character has been redesigned for the occasion.

Blockchain, the digital technology behind bitcoin, is starting to be used in real estate—and it could soon disrupt how homes are bought, sold, and insured.

'Scientists seem to think the conservation of angular momentum is what makes the world go ‘round while others mistakenly credit the sun. Sadly, both theories are wrong because it’s clearly the bagel. Bite into a bevy of deliciousness and sip stellar blends with this deal at Manhattan Bagel, good for $20 worth of fresh bagels, bagel sandwiches, coffee and espresso for $10. New York knows not only about how to make an amazing pizza, but has perfected the bagel making process too. Manhattan…

YOGYAKARTA: Indonesia's most volatile volcano has spewed smoke and ash in the latest of

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From well-crafted ales to a refreshing lager and fruit beers to an Oktoberfest, if you're looking for a new brew for your summer gatherings, give one of these bottles a taste.