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Whitewater rafting is one of Colorado's most popular activities. With rushing rivers, plenty of sun and whitewater rafting lures people of all ages and experience levels to Colorado.

Dreamed of traveling for a while? Haven't traveled much yet? Here's 9 wonderful benefits of traveling that'll inspire you to hop on a plane and explore now!

From Skyline Drive to the Yampa River Valley, Monarch Pass and gems in Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain National Park and Great Sand Dunes, discover scenic hidden gems from plains to mountains in Colorado.

Before you hit the drive-thru, find out which fast-food cheeseburger really is best. Our top picks might surprise you!

From the suitcase you choose to the jacket you wear, it pays to be strategic.

Enjoy a stunning display of kites at the Lincoln City Summer Kite Festival on the beaches of Lincoln City along the Central Oregon Coast.

A list of four “must-have” features for the perfect Milwaukee rustic barn wedding, Bringing the old world into our new space.

The court's decision regarding the estimated $1 billion settlement paves the way for the start of payouts to more than 20,000 former players over a degenerative brain disease.

Jersey Mike's Subs makes a Sub Above - fresh sliced, authentic Northeast-American style sub sandwiches on fresh baked bread. Subs are prepared Mike's Way® with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, oil, vinegar and spices. More than 1,500 locations open and under development throughout the United States.

Hans von Spakovsky and John Fund write that federal courts throwing out Voter ID laws won’t help minorities in Texas, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

These 19 hikes will raise your heart rate, take you to perilous heights, or bring you to awe-inspiring destinations.

My sister Andrea has been diagnosed with a very rare disease known as "Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome", or aHUS. It's caused by the complement (part of the immune system) attacking her blood cells, causing them to pop. The fragments of the popped cells clot up the kidneys, and can clot up ot...

The official site of the Denver Nuggets. Includes news, scores, schedules, statistics, photos and video.

The St. Baldrick's Foundation is raising money for lifesaving childhood cancer research.

Shop online for RSVP Special Occasion, Ethereal Elegance jewelry and gold, wide, open cuff bracelets with milky, silver jewels, gems and colorful rhinestones.

Today is a very special day for the Konda family. Our son, Gianluca, turns 4 today. We celebrate this day with great joy and gratitude. If you asked him how old he was he would playfully tell you "42". For his treat for school he is taking 12 cupcakes shaped like a dump truck cake so he is thrilled to share that
Four years ago today, Gianluca was born only 26 weeks gestation, weighing 1 lb. We are thankful for his life and…

If you rely on coffee to get through the day, or just to get it started, you might be lacking sleep or something in your diet. Nobody, after all, is ever going to mistake coffee for health food.But like wine, chocolate and popcorn, coffee has joined the ranks of unlikely foods with health benefits. An increasing body of research has found that...

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