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Becoming an exhibitor, sponsor or program book advertiser for Community Action Partnership's 2017 Annual Convention gives your organization the opportunity to increase your visibility and promote your products and services to representatives from our 1,000+ agencies across the country.
View our exhibitor, sponsor and advertiser options in our brochure here and choose the package that best fits your needs.

In a busy workplace, it’s easy to get so focused on deadlines and productivity that you forget to consider how it’s impacting your employees. The most engaged employees are the ones who have their work and personal lives in sync. On the other hand, those who feel like one is dragging down the other are at the highest risk of burning out or jumping ship for a company they believe will better suit their needs
The best way to ensure a positive work…

Whether a job can be automated depends on technical feasibility, availability of skills that automation can replace, and the costs to automate relative to human wages.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Learn more here.

If you have ever gotten a little anxious about going to the dentist, you are not the only one. The ADA has come up with a few strategies to help you cope.

In the past, the Census has undercounted young children, communities of color, and low-income rural and urban households; very much related, immigrants also are at risk of disproportionate undercounting. This matters a lot: much federal funding is distributed by formulas based on population and income, and some communities will get less than they should if their residents are not accurately counted. Further, congressional, state legislative and…

Tufan Erginbilgic, chief executive, Downstream at the WPC in Istanbul, Turkey

It's days like today that people appreciate the cooling assistance program temperatures in the 80s and 90s have become the norm.

Creativity in the business world is the key to staying one step ahead of the competition. For many people, creative thinking comes easy. For others, however, it requires a little more energy. Check out this infographic from Spirit Button , an online forum for positive thinkers, for some great insight into what it takes to be more creative.

Market cyclicality, deeper, more remote assets and increased responsibility for local environment and communities: today, the mining industry is faced with a number of challenges shifting its focus on greater efficiency and sustainability.

Dev Sanyal, chief executive, alternative energy and executive vice president, regions at the WPC in Istanbul, Turkey

It must be summer
And what’s better on a beautiful summer day than a round of fresh cocktails? Well, the answer may pleasantly surprise you. Up your cocktail game with a special secret ingredient: raw sugar simple syrup
Raw sugars are less processed than granulated sugar, preserving sugar canes’ deeper flavors and aroma. For example, turbinado raw sugar imparts a caramel-like flavor. Demerara adds a toffee-like…

An inspirational message from leadership expert Jim Stovall
It seems as though we are facing more worldwide problems than ever before. While this may be true, I suspect much of the crisis consciousness is a result of the speed and availability of news reporting and communications around the world.
If we were to look back at some of the overwhelming problems of the 20th century, they simply don’t exist anymore. In the early portion of the last century, global pandemic threats of polio,…

Cool drinkware to beat the summer sizzle. Cold Cups & drinkware designed for cold beverages.

Prepare your teenager to be a spending and saving savvy adult. Find 5 money management tips for teenagers. It is a valuable conversation to have.

Tax deductions and tax credits reduce your tax liability, but do so in different ways. Here’s what you need to know about deductions and credits when filing.

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. José Villa and our helpful staff can assist you with a same day appointment. If you have a dental emergency contact our offices in Chicago, IL or Waukegan, IL.

Rent self-storage units in Surprise, AZ for low cost storage unit prices. U-Haul Moving & Storage at Grand Ave & Bell Rd is a clean self-storage facility offering mini storage, ask about climate controlled storage.

The latest edition of BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy sheds new light on the long-term transitions and shorter-term adjustments shaping global energy markets in 2016. The numbers and charts indicate that the world is moving toward cleaner fuels, but what does the data reveal about how this energy evolution is progressing in the United States?

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I'm just going to say it... I don't care about the Super Bowl. I'm more