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Sweeter than honey? Pretty as a flower? Share what makes the Queen Bee in your life so buzz worthy!

As mentioned briefly in the Morning 9, Rory McIlroy spoke candidly about his pursuit of major glory. Now 29 years old, McIlroy won the most recent of his four majors at the 2014 PGA Championship. However, he seems at peace with his place in the game (and the world). “Nothing is going to change in […]

Tiger Woods versus Phil Mickelson for $10 million dollars. Originally reported by Sports Illustrated’s Alan Shipnuck, this head-to-head match is very close to happening. No, golf fans, this isn’t a fantasy. Move over Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf, the Skins Game, and all other golf exhibitions. This massive moneyfest will trump all others. And it’s […]

Video tutorial on how to flush the engine oil in your vehicle. This particular car I am working with here today is a 2007 Volvo C30 equipped with a T5. The engine...

Increasing fuel economy remains a top priority for most automakers. CAFE requirements may be in flux, but gas prices continue to inch upward. One strategy automakers are using is widespread use of synthetic lubricants. Find out how synthetics increase fuel economy compared to conventional lubricants?

Most people ask because they really want to know if they can safely use the same oil in their motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV or UTV. Not a good idea, and here's why: motorcycles and other powersports applications present unique challenges to motor oil that one formulation can't meet.

Anti-White House media figures castigated Robert De Niro's outburst directed at President Trump at the Tony Awards, saying it only helped Trump's cause.

Intel Xeon Processor E3-1240 v2 | 16 GB Ram | 1 TB Sata or 120GB SSD | 20 TB Bandwidth | 1 Gbit Port | 5 IPs | LA dc | $79/mo
Intel Xeon Processor E3-1270 v2 | 16 GB Ram | 300 GB enterprise SSD | 30 TB Bandwidth | 1 Gbit Port | 5 IPs | Utah Dc | $89/mo
Intel Xeon Processor E3-1275 v6 | 16 GB GB Ram | 400 GB enterprise SSD | 30 TB Bandwidth | 1…

Why self-loathing losers adopt left-wing politics. Facebook @ FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @

Sweeter than honey? Pretty as a flower? Share what makes the Queen Bee in your life so buzz worthy!

Our planet’s pretty awesome, so help us raise awareness for Earth Day by playing this contest!

In Georgia, we’re approaching the 100th day of school. This being the first year where we have a child in school, this is a big milestone. Not necessarily for our kindergartener, but for us, his pa…

Enigma "just changes one letter into another" -- but in a way that's far more complicated than you might imagine.