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But the State Department report stopped short of calling the crisis a "genocide"

Prosecutors were responding to an indicted Russian company's complaint that the special counsel "selectively" targeted the firm while giving Steele a pass.

What if you could use this dreaded task to help build your career? Here are seven ways to get started.

Father David Boase was led to believe that he was eligible to vote. His mistake caught up with him 12 years later.

Described as an “actor-writer-improviser-cupcake connoisseur from Baltimore” on the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater website, comedian Ego Nwodim will make her SNL debut on Sept. 29.

Jeff Sessions credits the rise to his tough-on-crime policies, but criminal justice groups say that's nonsense.

Aspen trees are the mostly widely distributed native tree species in North America, found throughout many northern U.S. states, the entire length of the Rocky Mountains, and a huge swath

That number has long been the Holy Grail for central banks. The big debate now: What’s a better target?

More than one in five respondents to a survey about sexual harassment at the state Capitol have experienced unwanted sexual contact, uncomfortable visits or phone calls, sexually provocative jokes and stories and other forms of inappropriate workplace behavior.

Much of what people assume to be true about big business is completely wrong. Rob Atkinson and Michael Lind cover five of the most egregious examples in this Innovation Files post.

Immigrants who rely on public benefits for food, housing and medical care could be denied green cards under new rules put forth Saturday by the Trump administration that would in effect limit family-based "chain migration," as the president calls it.

Republicans have no reason to be supporting legislation that levies a federal carbon tax on our economy.

That Physics and related disciplines flourish today at Cornell is due in large measure to the vision and example of one man: Hans Albrecht Bethe. He has trained scores of young scientists who have gone on to make important contributions of their own and he wrote reviews of nuclear and atomic physics that became the bible of a generation of researchers
Hans A. Bethe joined Cornell’s faculty in 1936, and his research extended across fields as diverse as the quantum theory of solids…

The Buckeyes will travel to Penn State on Saturday night with sophomore QB Dwayne Haskins, who has thrown for 1,194 yards and 16 touchdowns in four games.

With speed, enthusiasm and a unique style, Mr. McDonald was the favorite of Franklin Field's sellout crowds.

According to Pivot charts, Nifty's key support level is placed at 10,883.93, followed by 10,800.47. If the index starts moving upwards, key resistance levels to watch out are 11,110.54 and 11,253.67.

The spokesman said Mishra discussed a wide range of issues with Vyas pertaining to the growth of industrial sector in J&K.

The dust is settling on yet another European Council summit at which there has been no material progress towards agreement on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU nor any substantive progress on the UK’s future relationship with the EU. Of course the EU27 has consistently resisted getting into the detail of the latter until the former has been settled and the UK has been equally consistent that there would be no final agreement on the former until the latter was meaningfully progressed

In the last three years, a dozen states have banned localities from passing paid leave requirements, more than doubling to 22 the states that now outlaw such local ordinances.

The writer was tried for obscenity six times – thrice before 1947 in British India, and thrice after 1947 in independent Pakistan.

How to revamp your case for support and present it in ways that suit today’s donors.

Acronis and Microsoft have moved towards greater product integration to better serve MSPs in the cloud. MSPs will be able to more efficiently backup Microsoft Azure workloads with Acronis Backup Cloud.

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The company's proposal is to add two additional units of 660 MW each in the existing premise of the Talcher Tehermal Power Project (TTPP) located in Angul district, Odisha.

No. 14 Highland at No. 7 Timber Creek and No. 5 St. Augustine at No. 19 Ocean City are among other key clashes in South Jersey football.

This week, the UN begins a conference to start the long-overdue discussion on updating the 1967 Outer Space Treaty for a cosmos that has gotten a lot more complicated.

1. A quick tip is to change out your pillows by season. Winter months call for dressier thicker fabrics such as this velvet and leopard pillows. In the summer switch them out for lighter colors and…

Nearly a decade into what feels like a never-ending bull market, it is getting awfully lonely for a group of maverick hedge funds betting on what they think will be a coming financial meltdown.