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Utilities say they must be shielded from liability or the electric grid will suffer. Critics say that puts the burden on ratepayers, not investors.

Elon Musk is drilling tunnels, electric scooters command the sidewalks, and Amazon is throwing its weight around in Seattle. Welcome to the technocapitalist metropolis of the future.

Roseville, Minnesota, became the latest city in the Twin Cities metro to raise the tobacco sales age to 21.

SEATTLE (AP) - A tax on large companies such as Amazon that was meant to fight a growing homelessness crisis got rolled back during a raucous Seattle City Council meeting that exposed divisions over how much companies that have fueled booming economies sho

NPR reported on “All Things Considered” Tuesday evening in “ Big Banks Are Once Again Taking Risks With Complex Financial Trades, Report Says ” that: “Big banks are skirting the rules on the sale of the complex financial instruments that helped bring about the 2008 financial crisis, by exploiting a loophole in federal banking regulations, a new report says
“The loophole could leave Wall Street exposed…

Youth have abandoned Facebook in favor of other social media platforms. Data recently released by the Pew Research Center shows Facebook rates fourth behind YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat among young people. So, should churches with strong Facebook presences follow younger...

Amid an epidemic of suicides, some fatalities were victims of bad theology who never heard a helpful word from the church.

According to a study published in the journal PloS One late last year, the Brazilian Amazon has about 2.3 million square kilometers (nearly 900,000 square miles) of land suitable for oil palm cultivation, making it one of the largest areas in the world for potential expansion of the palm oil industry. That, coupled with the …

The rise of social media over the last decade has kept healthcare at large on its toes. For one stakeholder in particular, doctors, we've seen a slow but constantly evolving level of engagement across
a range of forums, social platforms and apps. These were designed specifically for them to communicate with each other and brands, like other health systems, conferences, medical device and
pharmaceutical companies.

The results for 2018’s Pinot Noir Masters are out, with top performers hailing from Oregon, California, Marlborough and… the Languedoc.

The title insurance industry generated $3.2 billion in title insurance premiums during the first quarter of 2018 compared to $3.3 billion during the same period a year ago, according to ALTA’s latest Market Share Analysis.

Senator Cantwell, the ranking member of the Senate Energy and National Resources Committee is part of a bi-partisan effort to re-authorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund, one of the nation's oldest and most successful conservation programs, which operates with no taxpayer money.

Lauren and David Hogg, siblings and survivors of the Feb. 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, join Morning Joe to discuss their new book "#NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line" and how activism has helped them begin healing.

Attorney General Sessions would do well to read the entire letter of Romans – or at least all of chapter 13.

Civil society plays a critical role in protecting refugees in transit and on arrival in their countries. Civil society groups provide various forms of of ass...

There will be no oil drilled off the South Carolina coast if U.S. Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) has anything to say about it. The negative consequences on the state’s tourism economy that could result from a potential oil spill, coupled Read more...

Howdy Neighbors! Oklahoma Farm Report is home to Ron Hays - 'Ron on RON.' Radio Oklahoma Network keeps producers updated with ag news, reports, markets, sales and so much more!

The Fifth Circuit vacated an order granting summary judgment in a trust fund recovery penalty case, ruling that the defendant had submitted sufficient evidence to create fact issues on the scope of…

Always wondered why Picasso became famous for creating artwork that “a three-year-old can do”? Take this class and learn the reason behind the madness! Our instructor will give you a brief lesson on the history of Picasso and Cubism. Then you will get the opportunity to try your hand at the cubist technique by analyzing objects, breaking them up, then reassembling them in an abstracted form. This is no class for three-year-olds! #class #artist #picasso #programs

Do you remember when Twitter moved from 140 characters to 280? For many people, the sky was falling! Their beloved platform had changed so significantly they would not know if they would stay or u…

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., on Capitol Hill Tuesday blasted the president's border policy, saying the U.S. is better than separating families. Rep. Cummings joins Morning Joe to further explain his views on the policy.

This resource is a lesson with activities covering the electrolysis of water content of the 2015 AQA Chemistry specification. This resource includes:

1: A power point to lead students through the lesson

2: A starter game to remind st...

Michigan's Department of Civil Rights says immigrant children as young as three months of age have arrived in the state for temporary foster care placement after being separated from their parents at the U.S. border.

So-called rewilding involves taking a hands-off approach to the land and letting natural processes happen.

President Trump claims there is an alarming acceleration of migrants at the border, but Steve Rattner returns to Morning Joe with charts to dispute the president's remarks. Rattner also shows where border apprehensions stand.

Being able to think like a physicist helps Carina Curto, a mathematician-turned-neuroscientist, pull insights about the human brain out of theoretical models.

WASHINGTON (AP) Calling on the Trump administration to end its insensitive policy, the Rev. Al Sharpton and a coalition of social justice leaders announced Tuesday that they plan to visit immigrant children separated from their families at the U.S. border

Our paper focuses exclusively on news concerning US Federal Criminal Defense involving white-collar offenses such as mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, and ... by Douglas McNabb