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Xavier Cunningham survived being attacked by insects, falling from a tree and landing head-first on a meat skewer that penetrated his skull — all in the same day. Gabrielle Miller, the boy's mother, told the newspaper she "heard screaming, and I went running down the stairs". A photo

For a relatively rare condition, black hairy tongue has received quite the national attention from CNN to the New York Post after a case report was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 9/6/18.

Bodies in Motion, which so far has raised $160,000 for local nonprofit organizations, typically attracts more than 400 runners for the 10-k, 5-k and 1-mile Fun Run
Hundreds of people will participate in the seventh annual Bodies in Motion 5-k, 10-k and Fun Run on Sunday, Sept. 16, in Warrenton
Organized by the Blue Ridge Orthopaedic Foundation, the event in its first six years has raised…

Human papillomavirus (HPV) of the female genital tract may infect the fetus, leading to a rare, yet severe respiratory disease in infants and children. Studies are underway to address the eradication of this disease by widespread use of the HPV vaccine.

No one, enjoys feeling awkward in a social situation. Except maybe Ricky Gervais. He did, after all, write one a fantastic series filled with awkward, cringe-worthy moments, The Office. But unlike the rest of us, Michael Scott and David Brent (the…

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Perhaps her most daunting accomplishment, however, is this summer’s decision to donate a kidney to Lake Lester. He is a man she barely knows. He is not a family member, nor neighbor, nor close friend. He is simply a man in her professional network suffering from final stage renal failure.

August 21, 2018 - Medical Billing Specialist-Full Time-Days - div div div The Specialist, Medical Billing prepares billing for Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance, and self - pay accounts and is

We are asking for your help by joining us as a vendor, race sponsor, or a participant. To date, thanks in large part to sponsors like you, we have given out over $160,000 to local non-profit organizations from the proceeds of previous Bodies in Motion races
BROF serves The Greater Piedmont Region charities specializing in providing medical relief, food, shelter and/or children's services. Your sponsorship of…