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What to do once a child has ear tubes in and then develop a wet or draining ear. Yes, I am talking about yellow, green, white, brown, stinky (the smell can fill up a room!), sticky, nasty stuff that not only runs out your child’s ear canal, but then crusts around their ears and worse, perhaps down their cute cheeks!

Lenny is a decade-old chatbot designed to troll telemarketers that has developed a cult following online. It’s remarkably convincing, but is it actually effective?

If you're an Amazon customer you may have received a rather strange email this morning. It states that the company has,

No better time to start your gratitude practice. Read on for some tips and benefits of expressing gratitude.

A new device called Hummingbird TTS allows for the possibility for ear tube placement without sedation in young kids.

Could sucking on your baby’s pacifier reduce their risk of developing asthma and allergies? According to a new study, it just might.

One of the most important resources a business has, is its Business Phone System, and it is important to have a scalable system.

Saturday, Nov 17, 9 am - 3 pm
Sunday, Nov 18, 10 am - 1 pm
in Fellowship Hall
Feast your eyes and your palette on gorgeous holiday crafts of all shapes and sizes and scrumptious treats. Delight to festive fabric wreaths, ornamented Christmas trees, handmade jewelry and yummy baked goods and cookies, pie fillings and corn salsa at the 2018 Church Bazaar
All proceeds are…

In conversation with OOSKAnews Publisher David Duncan, Charles Iceland, WRI's Director, Global and National Water Initiatives, talks about global water risk,...

Here's the "ask" in a direct mail appeal I recently looked at: Some patient programs are entirely funded by philanthropy. Our donors recently supported new imaging equipment that will better serve our patients. I only call it the ask because it's as close as the piece got to asking. Which is not asking. This happens quite often in fundraising. I think it's because many of us are just not comfortable with asking for money. Treat your donors with respect: Speak to them clearly…

Lemon water is a simple & surprisingly healthy internal cleanser to start your day. Some resources say that it’s good to have it in warm or even hot water.

African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans are at elevated risk for diabetes. Here are 5 tips on how to lower your chances of getting it.

Country Diesels is a team of experienced diesel truck enthusiasts. As a division of Virginia's #1 Chevrolet dealership, Country Chevrolet, we – like Country ...

93% of stolen cards had EMV chip technology, according to a new study.

This edition of our PICK OF THE WEEK contrasts two unique Chevrolet vehicles — the 2019 Chevrolet TAHOE LT against the 2019 Chevrolet TRAVERSE LT. While ther...

Dr. Wise is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery and has served on the Boards of the National Association of Spine Specialists and North A...

The Windows 10 shit show continues with yet more problems with Microsoft’s newest operating system rearing their ugly heads. Some users -- including a friend of my colleague Brian Fagioli -- have suffered from a problem whereby file associations are broken, so you can’t open files in the default programs you choose.

Business's have to find ways to decrease overhead costs. Your Business Phone System maintenance costs is one area that you can save.


With 3-row seating, the Toyota Highlander gives Warrenton drivers maximum space without sacrificing midsize SUV handling. Call (866) 927-4401 for details.

We are excited to be heading down to Official Rudy's Fall Truck Jam Event Page Oct. 5-6 2018 and are currently on our way with this incredible Country Diesel...

at 6:30pm in Fellowship Hall
Easy fixes: tuna or green bean casserole or chili, soup, slow-cooked chicken stew or BBQ! Come with or without a dish to share; we always have plenty. For info, contact Tamaryager@gmail.com or 540-631-7222.
Volunteers to clean up and gather serving supplies are greatly appreciated!

Perhaps you think your personal number will suffice, and you won't need a separate number. That route might seem convenient, but it’s not a good idea.

In this conversation with OOSKAnews Publisher David Duncan, Andre Fourie, Global Director, Water, AB Inbev, the world's largest brewer, describes the corpora...

Comprehensive orthopaedic care for the entire family.World class care, right here, right now. Our Board certified physicians are backed by extensive training...

Come see what the 2019 ministry spending plan looks like. Presentation will be made after Saturday 5:30 service and again at 9:30 Sunday between the services in Room 6.