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Mindfulness is growing in popularity just about everywhere. Parenting and early childhood settings are no exception. There is good reason for this enthusiasm. Mindfulness has been used with adults to reduce stress, bolster overall health and psychological functioning, and assist a return to wellness following adversity. We are learning that mindfulness may also support healthy adult-child relationships.

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Thinking about moving to Louisville? The largest city in Kentucky is known for its bourbon, the Kentucky Derby, and beautiful parks. Here are 16 things you should know about living in Louisville!

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How Does the SideWalker® Leash Trainer Work? - Does your dog pull on the leash during walks? We have a solution - the SideWalker® Leash Trainer! The SideWalker is a unique dog training collar with a

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(Gloucester Township, NJ) — The Office of the Camden County Health Officer has issued a Heat Alert for Camden County from June 30 to July 2, effective each day from noon to 7 p.m. “The forecast indicates that we’re looking at our first real taste of summer heat this weekend, with temperatures rising in the ... More

Do you know someone who is at risk for a heroin/opioid overdose? The Overdose Prevention Act now allows doctors the ability to prescribe the opiate antidote Narcan (naloxone) to those in a position to help someone else during an overdose of heroin or other opioids. The law also eliminates civil and criminal liability to anyone who administers naloxone
Come out to a free training session on Tuesday, July 3rd from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Living Proof Recovery Center in Voorhees…

Having trouble deciding what to do with that extra space in your home? Turn it into a home gym! Whether you're trying to transform an attic or a spare bedroom into a workout room, these home gym design and organizational tips are worth a try!

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Looking for the best places to retire in the USA? With affordable living, beautiful views, pleasant weather, and little to no income taxes, these eight spots top the list of best cities for retirees!

Reclaim this summer for your family. Make this the best summer ever with your kids. It doesn't take travel or money. All it takes is your time.

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By The Goddard School • May 31st, 2018
Identifying activities for your kids to do while you’re busy with other things can be a daunting task. This is why work-at-home parents need all the help they can get
A majority of kids lack knowledge of how to engage in solo play. Typically, kids appreciate having access to a daily routine of exciting things to do, but they require gentle encouragement and training. Providing your children with exciting and enjoyable activities helps them extend…

If you want to enroll in online banking with Umpqua Bank, these are the mobile app and desktop browser requirements.

By The Goddard School • May 25th, 2018
It can help them build up their own self-esteem and self-worth
Mentors and role models , we all know, serve great value in our lives. They teach, inspire, excite and support us.
Sometimes, however, our culture’s obsession with celebrity and wealth can create an environment where children are choosing their heroes or role models based on status or power.
That’s why I wrote a book to help children identify positive role models who will empower…

The ability to give unselfishly to others is not a quality people are born with. Experiences we have and the values we are taught form the basis for the choices

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