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Make the most of what you'll find at the markets this winter with our comprehensive guide for buying, storing, and preparing winter produce, plus plenty of winter recipe ideas to put it all to use.

Spring seems to have arrived early this year. We received our first shipment this week of California grown asparagus from Coastal View Produce. We are proud to have been working with CVP for 8 years. Brian Violini and his family have been growing organic asparagus for over 40 years in the Salinas Valley. Brian’s Grandfather was a Swiss immigrant who started a new life in the fertile Salinas Valley. “I can remember being 10 years old and pulling weeds and moving sprinklers for…

The Specialty Produce App is a produce shopper's best companion. With over 1400 produce items in the database one can easily identify a new or unusual fruit or vegetable. Item descriptions include a photo, taste profiles, cooking applications, recipes, flavor pairings, and storage advice.

Produce for Kids is dedicated to educating families on benefits of healthy eating and providing simple healthy recipes that kids will love.

Our 21 merchants sell thou-
sands of products from apples to zucchini. Simply tell us what you're looking for, and we'll show you the merchants who have it!
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Take the Power Your Lunchbox Pledge to eat a healthier lunch and get healthy, kid-friendly lunchbox ideas, tips and coupons for back to school.

Dr. Lewis First talks about the importance of oral health for expectant mothers. He discusses the connection between a mom-to-be's healthy mouth and a healthy newborn.

Seckle, Forelle, Comise, Bosc Pears: flavor differences, when to use which for cooking vs. eating. Presented by David John and General Produce, Sacramento, CA.

Differentiating chanterelle and lobster mushrooms from white and portabella mushrooms; what to look for; flavor profiles. Presented by David John and General...

It might seem the DNA an individual inherited is something that they can’t do anything whatsoever about. Scientists have however discovered that when healthy but inactive individuals exercise for a just a few minutes, it

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John Dyke originally hails from a working family farm in Greeneville, Tennessee, but he has hung his hat in East Nashville for more than two decades. Upon settling in the heart of the city, John realized how much he missed the fresh produce he had become accustomed to as a child. Inspired and encouraged by neighbors who craved the same natural goodness, he set out to bring the bounty of the farm to town. John opened his first store in East…

If you’re seeing a lot of red in February between Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, here’s what red produce has in store for you.

What's the best way to cut a pineapple? When is sugar content highest? DJ gives fun idea for reusing the stem, and more interesting facts. Presented by David...

California asparagus is in season, full swing. David John shares fun facts, offers preparation tips and explains what to do if you have too much asparagus. P...

The original Philadelphia Regional Produce Market® opened its doors in 1959 with the "terminal market" concept in produce marketing. Today and 50 years later, the Market is an even bigger success with a brand new, state of the art facility, which opened in January 2011
We will have lunch at noon on Sunday, followed by a tour of the facility
Images courtesy of the Philadelphia Wholesale…

Willey Farms is Delaware's finest farm market featuring fresh produce, gourmet foods, a garden center, gifts, home decorating, candy selections & more.

The United Fresh Retail Produce Manager Awards Program pays special recognition to those on the front line in supermarkets working every day to increase sales and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Produce Station is the Ann Arbor's premiere produce supply specialists

Purple produce is flying off supermarket shelves. “Across all kinds of produce, purple varieties are increasingly popular with shoppers,” says ...