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Dr. Philippa Pavia, a board-certified veterinary surgeon with BluePearl, answers the frequently asked questions about three-legged pets and limb amputation.

Lawyers for a student who successfully challenged a sexual misconduct hearing at James Madison University should be paid nearly $850,000 by the school, a federal magistrate judge said. The school h…

Children's Dental Health Month takes place in February, and Gentle Dental Center wants to make sure your child knows how to maintain good oral health!

On Saturday, an Apache helicopter operated by the Israeli Air Force successfully intercepted and destroyed Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that took off from Syrian territory and had infiltrated Israel.

This is simply fantastic news: The Trump administration has adopted new limits on the use of “guidance documents” that federal agencies have issued on almost every conceivable subject, an action that could have sweeping implications for the government’s ability to sue companies accused of violations. Guidance documents offer the government’s interpretation of laws, and often when individuals or companies face accusations of legal violations, what they have really violated are

The expert emergency veterinarians at BluePearl Veterinary Partners provide a comprehensive list of unsafe foods for dogs.

In the airfreight business, there is “specialty cargo,” and then there is “Elon Musk cargo” – a separate category all by itself. In an audacious launch on Tuesday that was half technology showcase, half marketing stunt, the aerospace entrepreneur’s SpaceX company sent its unmanned “Falcon Heavy” lift vehicle – the most powerful rocket currently in existence – on its maiden voyage, carrying its payload into elliptical…

Eating a balanced diet rich in probiotics may lend a hand in strengthening your immune system. If you want to try it out, add some of these tasty immu

BRANDON Someone shot a Labrador retriever in the head, more than once. Rescuers cant say why. But they have rallied around the dog in recent days, giving him a new start and a new name: Dexter.In

Before a business can reach its organizational goals, there must be someone at the helm guiding them to that finish line. If a team is without a leader, things can fall into chaos quickly – people …

Turning 18 comes with a lot of responsibility. Use this checklist to ensure your child knows what to do in case of a medical emergency.

Scarf. Gloves. Snow boots. Water bottle. One of these things is not like the others, but it is just as important. Dehydration makes you an easy target

Last year, the national retailer opened five Houston locations in as many months. Then, Harvey hit.

Cordell & Cordell's expansion is continuing in 2018 with the opening of a new office in Frederick, Maryland.

Divorced fathers almost inevitably end up facing a number of common child support issues that do more to harm families than support them.

You don't have to suffer from sensitive teeth. Our providers at Gentle Dental Center have the solution and are ready to get you back on track!

It's easy to delay that semi-annual trip to the dentist as you age, especially if no new problems seem to be appearing. Unfortunately, teeth are not like wine, and they rarely get better with time. Here are five of the most common oral health concerns after 50.

All about awning fabrics including a comparison of canvas vs. synthetic material, what to consider when looking for a replacement, and more.