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Measles, mumps, and rubella are serious diseases. Most children who get their MMR shots will not get these diseases and many more children would get them if we stopped vaccinating.

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New ShopRite Trading Company Private Label Line Offers Gourmet and Specialty Foods from Around the World
ShopRite is inviting customers to go on a culinary journey as it announces the debut of its latest store brand, ShopRite Trading Company. A mix of “inspirational, artisanal, and distinctive” goods, the new line will inspire your family to experience all types of authentic, imported cultural cuisine
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FREE Event Co–Sponsored by Pediatric Associates and Sunrise Police Department. If possible please bring your child, car seat and vehicle to the event. NOTE: This is a first come, first serve event and parents should arrive no later than 12 p.m.

The 80/20 rule is a healthy, less-restrictive plan for eating that doesn't feel like a diet. See how it's more "real-life"—including healthy foods and indulgences in moderation.

Many days, the hardest part of my job is helping new mothers understand that their worries and issues are common.

Those who have passed a kidney stone—including women who have given birth—call it the most pain they have ever experienced. Learn how to prevent and treat them.

With proper planning and dedication, many self-proclaimed “out-of-shape” people can complete a 5K. Here are two 5K training plans to help you get started.

The “Eating Green” app was selected from 17 submissions, developed by more than 50 students, to represent the 2nd Congressional District.

The Original, SqueeZable Applesauce Pouch! 100% Natural Fruit & Low Fat Yogurt. A Delicious Healthy Snack For Kids. Gluten Free. Organic Flavors Available.

Strengthen and soften damaged hair with Aveda's Damage Remedy collection. Repair split ends and protect hair with specialty shampoo, conditioner & more.

When someone in your family is diagnosed with cancer, it can leave you with the fear that it may start occurring in other family members. Learn why this often isn't the case.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this time of year brings with it a rainbow of fresh fruits and veggies! It’s the perfect time to add more color to your family cookouts, summer picnics and afternoon snacks. And don’t forget to get patriotic with your produce! With Memorial Day just around the corner and the Fourth of July coming soon after, keep this list of healthy red, white and blue recipes handy for your celebrations.

toddler~The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provides information for parents about buying and checking the fit of toddler shoes.

The breach has now drawn the scrutiny of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which is exploring the increased reliance on fencing technology at the nation's most secure prison facilities.

Feeling helpless with a child in pain? Follow our tips for relieving inner ear aches.

A Penn study suggests that cutting off the calories several hours before bed may help with weight loss.

Kids love summer camp: Day camp, overnight camp, camps for swimming, sailing, hiking, biking, tennis, theatre, outdoor cooking, bird watching and more. S...

While Jim was being treated for non-Hodgkins follicular lymphoma, he never stopped working or pursuing his favorite hobby: hunting. Read about his journey.

Too busy to exercise? Circuit training makes for such an effective workout, you only have to do this workout once a week!

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Jeanne Hendricks, dietician with Virtua Weight Management explains why you shouldn't skip the bun with your burger. With a few easy swaps, your body will get the nutrients it needs.