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Did you know that spiders are nearsighted and spin silk? Discover some interesting facts about spiders that may or may not make them less scary to the human eye.

Settling Claims on Your Own Risks Voiding Your Policy
While your insurer has the responsibility to investigate and pay claims made on your firm's commercial general liability policy, you also have responsibilities to ensure your claim is paid
Two of the key parts of your responsibilities are
Notifying your insurer of the claim as soon as possible.
Not taking the claim into your own hands before…

By Shayne Bevilacqua, MBA | 06-13-2018
Your business is your livelihood. Without it, you’ll have no income and nothing to show for your hard work. Consider what would happen if your customers all suddenly disappeared? Or you were hit with a massive, unexpected bill? What would happen to your business then
Being reactive to situations will only help you so far. You need to be proactive with your business to ensure you’re preventing future problems. Here are six things you can do today…

Getting a company car is a coveted perk for employees, but it can also cause some coverage issues with your personal auto policy.
The standard auto policy excludes coverage for non-owned vehicles furnished or available for your regular use – which includes company cars.
This means you are relying solely on the company's insurance for protection. If for any reason the company’s policy does not respond if you are in a traffic accident, you have no coverage.

Understanding Your Policy Exclusions
You've no doubt been overwhelmed by the amount of fine print that your insurance policy has
The main reason for the fine print is to lay out in detail what the insurance company will cover in case of a claim and what it won't.
It's important that you go through this with your insurance agent and that you especially understand the section called "Exclusions."
Exclusions are provisions in a policy describing losses that the policy will not cover.

Despite his very active lifestyle, Matt finds time to give back to the community by volunteering with three local organizations. Big Brothers Big Sisters is one of them. In May of 2015, Matt became a Big Brother to Stjepen. At the time, Stjepen was 11 years old and in a family full of females. His mother felt he would benefit from a male role model and he was matched with Matt
Matt Johnson (pictured above with Little Brother Stjepen) is a busy guy…

Avoid Falling Victim to the Staged Car Crash Scam
The staged car accident scam is growing as perpetrators are getting craftier about entrapping unsuspecting motorists
Scammers usually meticulously plan their staged car accidents, leaving nothing to chance. They practice until they get it right and even if you can see the accident was staged, onlookers or witnesses may only catch a glimpse and think they see…

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Protecting Your Firm as an Additional Insured
IN THE course of doing business, you may sometimes find yourself entering into contracts requiring that your firm be named as an additional insured on another party’s insurance policies
This is often done to make sure that your own insurance is not depleted by defense and indemnification costs for losses for which you may be legally liable as a result of the business relationship you have with the other party, but that are not due to…

Hallmark's Mahogany cards descend from the black pride movement of the 1960s. With the recent rise of Black Lives Matter, the voice is evolving to encompass America's many black experiences, from black girl magic and black boy joy to "Black Panther."

Six Ways to Manage Your Money in Retirement
In retirement, your income stream has usually dried up and keeping an eye on your expenses is vital to making your retirement funds last to the very end
To help you better manage your finances during this time of decreased earnings, we offer the following pearls of wisdom:
Take care of your body. Health care is one of the largest expenses in Americans' retirement years, with total costs now exceeding $275,000 per couple, according to…

At the Y, strengthening community is our cause. Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Get the hop on Easter fun with our Easter coloring sheets. Includes 8 free printable Easter coloring pages.

Pictured above: Big Brother Cedric & Little Brother Jaiden and Big Sister Victoria & Little Sister Alana
Making a BIG Difference
One of the many exciting outcomes of our High School Mentoring Program is seeing our High School Bigs learn and grow through their experiences as mentors. In this program, high school students are matched with elementary students who meet them after school to provide guidance…

What’s good for us? What’s not? It can be hard to cut through nutritional clutter and misleading marketing to find what's truly healthy. Here's some help!

By Mario Marroquin, February 15, 2018 at 11:53 AM
From left: NJ Transit acting Commissioner Diane Gutierrez, Gov. Phil Murphy and Executive Director Kevin Corbett at the Trenton Transit Center. - ( MARIO MARROQUIN)
Gov. Phil Murphy today unveiled temporary measures to boost NJ Transit hiring, while also moving to add to its fleet inventory
“Let there be no doubt to our commitment to getting this right and working for the community and public,” Murphy said at a Trenton Transit Center press event…

A new road safety app that can help students find the safest route to school is being tested in Memphis. The International Road Assessment Programme’s (iRAP) Star Rating for Schools app delivers a quick and easy measurement of road safety risk for children’s journeys to school worldwide.