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We offer personalized hearing care services in Victorville and Barstow, CA. Our dedicated professionals provide hearing testing and consultations for all patients.

Your hearing care professional can make minor adjustments remotely so you don’t need to make an office appointment.

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Don’t use a busy lifestyle as an excuse to let your health become an issue for you. Eating right isn’t as hard as it seems.

Natural health news published monthly by Montgomery Chiropractic | June 2017 Issue

Everything You Need to Know About Neck Pain
Dealing with frequent neck pain? It may be worth a visit to our practice
When is a pain in the neck more than just a pain in the neck? When is it a sign that something more serious may be involved?
Typically, neck pain is caused by a muscle strain, and one side of the neck may experience more pain than the other. But when neck pain is accompanied by other symptoms, it may be…

Whenever you’re sitting at a computer, be conscious of your posture and keep your feet evenly planted on the ground
As many people are finding themselves spending more time sitting slumped behind a screen or standing on their feet for hours on end without a break, paying attention to your posture is more important than ever.
If you’ve never thought much about whether you’re sitting or standing stance is doing harm to your health, you might want to start before you find yourself…

Regaining weight after a diet could be linked to changes in microbiome caused by obesity, not simply a return to bad eating habits

Stress is a normal part of life and usually comes from everyday occurrences. Here are some ways you can deal with everyday sources of stress.

##I participated in this sponsored campaign for Rite Aid® and L’Oréal® on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.## L’Oreal has stepped up their game with their newest lip products collections. The new formulas of the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Lipcolor are waterproof and highly pigmented for those who love their lips …