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The rise of the digital era has brought with it many wondrous changes to our daily lives, not least of which the fact that we now carry digital assistants with us everywhere we go in the form of smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. The rapid proliferation of everyday digital devices and the rise of new …

Auto-login URL feature was not IP-bound and allowed anyone access to accounts' settings panels.

ADELANTO — Winding down single terms that have been at times both turbulent and auspicious, the city's two most visible policymakers on

If you’ve been wondering what to do with that tattered old couch, Victorville has a solution for you. A free “dump day” is

ADELANTO — A rock and sand manufacturer that sold vacant land to one of the city's biggest commercial cannabis developers has accused the company

Windows are probably one of the first things you think of when thinking of glass, but glass is useful for more than windows. Decorative glass paneling is a design idea used in both residential and commercial architecture, and it adds dimension, contrast, functionality, and a feeling of elegance and sophistication to many interiors and exteriors homes, offices, and retail businesses.

Your hearing care professional can make minor adjustments remotely so you don’t need to make an office appointment.

Church’s Chicken has returned to Wichita with a new restaurant at 13th and Oliver. Franchisee Mike Jizzini says everyone told him not to locate there, but the restaurant was slammed with diners.