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Diplomats from Cuba and Bolivia shouted during a meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) being held as the United States launched a campaign discussing the struggles of Cuban political prisoners on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press. U.S. envoy to the ECOSOC Kelley Currie continued through the shouting protests, delivering her remarks before being followed by several other speakers who discussed the political prisoners, including Secretary General of the

"Everyone understands that there's a price you pay when you use military force. Well, there's a price you pay when you use economic force as well."

Originally registered in 1996, the domain expired and was lost last month , Domain Gang reported Tuesday. Legendary rock supergroup REO Speedwagon owned the domain nearly two decades, but the unthinkable happened, the report said. At auction, sold for $3,550 on DropCatch, Domain Gang reported. After a few months, the domain is currently back in the hands of the rock group, the report said. Sporting a brand new 2018 registration date, Domain Gang reported,

Repeatedly reproduced and reimagined since the 80s, the tropes of cyberpunk must evolve or die

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Ethiopia's new prime minister announced his new cabinet on Tuesday which for the first time in Africa's second-most-populous nation's history would be half female, according to The Washington Post. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was elected by the ruling party after Ethiopia faced years of anti-government protests and promised to embark on a first-term full of reform and deliver free and fair elections by 2020. After seven months in office, Abiy has already released thousands of political prisoners,

In less than 130,000 years, humans have sawed off the most evolutionarily distinct branches from our family tree.

There’s a very real possibility that we’ll soon be able to walk into a shop and pay with our faces - no card, no phone, just our unique retina pattern. Though we’re not quite there yet, consumers can already pay with their phone, their smartwatches, voice-activated assistants, and connected cars, so it’s only a matter of time before our faces become a legitimate way to transfer cash. Let’s backtrack for a moment.

A continuing patent-infringement lawsuit reveals details about AbbVie’s strategy to obtain dozens of U.S. patents to shield its top-selling drug, Humira, from copycat competition.

Editorial Observer by Brent Staples says results of DNA testing are forcing re-examination of arbitrary calculations American culture has used to decide who is 'white' and who is 'black'; says many white Americans profess shock at emergence of blackness in the family; notes that his own genetic material shows that one-fifth of his ancestry is Asian, proving that genetic testing holds plenty of surprises for black people also (M)

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The retailer says about 200 suppliers recently stopped shipping goods and that it needs to pay transportation carriers and logistics companies to keep remaining merchandise moving.

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Vintage straight razor shave featuring The Artisan Soap Shoppe lime mint soap and balm, WCS Ancient Stone brush in slate with 24mm tuxedo knot, Kinfolks Blue... Dr. George Lamoureux shares wisdom around the facts and the legend of He Shou Wu (Fo-ti...

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to buy goods and services, pay bills, gamble online, transfer money internationally and as an investment vehicle, among other things. And that activity is drawing more attention...

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The U.S Women’s Soccer team clinched a spot in next summer’s World Cup after a 6-0 win in the semifinals of the Concacaf Women’s Championship.

In photos selected Sunday by Wall Street Journal editors, activists march in Kiev, hot-air balloons soar in Turkey, Bavarians hold state elections and more.

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Dos miembros del talentoso grupo Arsenal Efectivo tocando en IHOMI en 2018. International House of Music, Inc.

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The survey was conducted across 2000 respondents from 12 Indian cities to gauge the awareness levels of people about concept of IoT and views on its i..

Two of the best-known names in Italian coffee are bolstering their businesses, hoping to secure their independence as global coffee giants Starbucks Corp. and Nestlé SA make incursions into their turf.