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To provide our customers with the maximum value in vehicle lighting, mirrors and other related safety products and accessories through a commitment to continuously improve quality, cost, and service.

Take a stroll through a century of manufacturing advertising and promotion - from Lipton in 1860 to Coca-Cola in 1963.

Zero-Based Growth uses a rigorous technical understanding of asset capabilities to find rapidly deployable, low-cost growth options.

“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.” – Steven Jobs
A manufacturer can be innovative in various ways beyond the use of technology. Innovation can include the utilization of new business models, the develo

This is In Real Terms, a column analyzing the week in economic news. Comments? Criticisms? Ideas for future columns? Email me or drop a note in the comments. U.…

The face of manufacturing has changed. In the future, the pool of workers is expected to be smaller. And if workers want to succeed, they'll need continuous improvement with on-the-job education.

Millions of jobs have been disappearing from America's factories. Can the Trump administration create a manufacturing jobs renaissance, or is it pitted against evolutionary forces too powerful to overcome?

STEM education and the maker movement have flooded our nation’s schools, making project-based learning much easier to mark off of the instructional “must..

The Voice of Manufacturing Globally. The only show that looks at the challenges and opportunities of Manufacturing today....

Lean manufacturing systems are a great way to reduce costs and root out inefficiencies. Mobility in lean manufacturing is now aiding this pursuit further

What is Manufacturing? In this post we ponder 4 questions to help define and structure what makes up manufacturing and how understanding is vital.

U.S. manufacturing has a rich history, with dozens of companies reaching the ripe old age of 100 -- and more. Enjoy this selection of century-old manufacturing firms.

In 2015, America's manufacturers could benefit from getting more women, young people and minorities involved. Remanufacturing is an important trend, too.

A new campaign launched Tuesday aims to draw more Northern Kentucky Millennials, those born in the early 1980's and 1990's, to careers in advanced manufacturing.

Manufacturing unexpectedly expanded at a faster pace in May, helped by an increase in orders that signals U.S. factories are rebounding from an early-2016 slump.

Why maintenance, repair and overhaul could be the future of additive manufacturing.

With full benefits packages available, DeWys Manufacturing offers on the job training with their career opportunities for fabrication jobs here in West MI.

U.S. manufacturing activity expanded in June after it had contracted last month, according to a report released Monday.

While China and other countries face challenges to their once-burgeoning manufacturing sector, all signs in the US are pointing to a growing industry now seen as a "rising star" in the world market . Thanks to an abundance of natural gas cutting energy costs , an increase in auto sales , and a host of other factors, the US manufacturing industry is now growing at its fastest pace within the past three years . But there's one obstacle standing in the way of…