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Many key manufacturing metrics will improve with smart manufacturing technologies.

Lockheed Martin engineers and service technicians at Bosch are just some of the manufacturing workers who have already turned to augmented reality. Many more will follow toward the fine line between reality and virtual.

Mike Monnier, a Manufacturing Supervisor, gives his real world thoughts on the top issues in the manufacturing industry.

Success reshoring projects in manufacturing mean you must look beyond costs & make several considerations outline in this post.

To provide our customers with the maximum value in vehicle lighting, mirrors and other related safety products and accessories through a commitment to continuously improve quality, cost, and service.

The effort to strengthen U.S. manufacturing gets a boost from Manufacturing Day, but the industry faces major challenges.

Manufacturing is the driving force behind the steady economic growth, competitive advantage, innovation and high quality of life present in the United States.

Other countries invest in commercially oriented industrial R&D fields while the U.S. does not.

Take a stroll through a century of manufacturing advertising and promotion - from Lipton in 1860 to Coca-Cola in 1963.

“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.” – Steven Jobs
A manufacturer can be innovative in various ways beyond the use of technology. Innovation can include the utilization of new business models, the develo

Zero-Based Growth uses a rigorous technical understanding of asset capabilities to find rapidly deployable, low-cost growth options.

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"Over 9% of the U.S population are employer in the manufacturing sector"

The face of manufacturing has changed. In the future, the pool of workers is expected to be smaller. And if workers want to succeed, they'll need continuous improvement with on-the-job education.

Enjoy IndustryWeek's latest salute to US manufacturing companies that have existed for a century and more.

Factories are using a pickup in bookings from the U.S. and abroad to help trim stockpiles, laying the ground for bigger gains in production later in the year.

Millions of jobs have been disappearing from America's factories. Can the Trump administration create a manufacturing jobs renaissance, or is it pitted against evolutionary forces too powerful to overcome?