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Lockheed Martin engineers and service technicians at Bosch are just some of the manufacturing workers who have already turned to augmented reality. Many more will follow toward the fine line between reality and virtual.

What is Manufacturing? In this post we ponder 4 questions to help define and structure what makes up manufacturing and how understanding is vital.

Lean manufacturing systems are a great way to reduce costs and root out inefficiencies. Mobility in lean manufacturing is now aiding this pursuit further

Enjoy IndustryWeek's latest salute to US manufacturing companies that have existed for a century and more.

Ask yourself these 10 questions to begin to identify the right path.

Life is dangerous, and so is work
In the past six months, 255 people have died on the job in the United States
In 2015, the last year with complete numbers, there were 2.9 million on-the-job injuries . That includes work-related illnesses, such as:
skin diseases
Illness mostly comes from healthcare and manufacturing. But illnesses, generally from chemicals or viruses, pale in comparison to actual…

So British voters really did say (by a 52-48 margin) that they wanted to leave the European Union. Here are some opinions from the probably-not-United-much-longer Kingdom and the rest of the manufacturing community.

If you are a manufacturer, you are typically a B2B company. Social media manufacturing may not be your expertise, but it's vital for success

This infographic tells the story of manufacturing. It shows how manufacturing enables our everday lives, drives our economy, offers many different rewarding careers, and what can happen when communities across the country come together to show the publi

While China and other countries face challenges to their once-burgeoning manufacturing sector, all signs in the US are pointing to a growing industry now seen as a "rising star" in the world market . Thanks to an abundance of natural gas cutting energy costs , an increase in auto sales , and a host of other factors, the US manufacturing industry is now growing at its fastest pace within the past three years . But there's one obstacle standing in the way of…

U.S. manufacturing has a rich history, with dozens of companies reaching the ripe old age of 100 -- and more. Enjoy this selection of century-old manufacturing firms.

Many key manufacturing metrics will improve with smart manufacturing technologies.

3 tips to successful package premiumization for your brand
By Gil Horsky in Packaging Design on November 10, 2016
Premium packaging for Cadbury Glow opened up the product to new gifting categories and helped grow sales
Mondelēz innovation executive Gil Horsky challenges brand owners to fully understand what packaging “premiumization” means so they can leverage the experience for the consumer’s ultimate delight
Global consumer branded products…

ROSABETH MOSS KANTER: Make or buy all that you want in the U.S., but if the transportation system doesn’t work, your business will suffer.

Technical certifications can provide many opportunities for high-school students, including direct entry into the workforce, a solid foundation for college, confidence and motivation to go f…

This article originally appeared in the CMTC Manufacturing Network Blog. Guest blog post by John Anderson, Director of Program Development of CMTC, Southern California’s MEP Center.
Millennials. If you Google the term, you get 3,190,000 results! Ther

"A manufacturing base that isn't driven by excellence and value is worthless." -Mike Petters, president and CEO, Huntington Ingalls Industries.

Mike Monnier, a Manufacturing Supervisor, gives his real world thoughts on the top issues in the manufacturing industry.