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Cataracts are the number one reason people go blind, and they contribute to other negative health factors like an increased risk of falls.

National Cancer Survivors Day occurs each year in early June. This amazing time is one for celebration of the people in your life who have lived through cancer. You can honor your loved ones and th…

Dementia impacts 50 million people today and will triple by 2050. It’s time to erase the stigma, take action and put dementia on the agenda. Home Instead’s commitment begins with care but extends into advocacy.

People of all ages offer words of wisdom to their younger counterparts in this WireTap farewell video, from CBC Radio One. Subscribe:

News about coffee has been mixed in recent years, with some studies showing positive benefits and others showing risks. Learn the truth about caffeine.

The signs and symptoms of heart disease vary widely depending on a patient’s heart condition. Here are some heart disease conditions and some of the symptoms associated with each condition.

Consulate Health Care has published numerous articles addressing memory loss and providing caregivers with resources to manage these behaviors in their loved ones.

In the first video of our new series; the ABC's of Homecare, we discuss several key questions you need to be asking when your loved one is admitted to the ho...

Service projects and acts of kindness that kids can do to help the elderly. Over 20 ideas that are fun and meaningful to help the seniors in our community.

Looking for a job in home care working with seniors? Join our team at Home Instead Senior Care in Omaha, NE

“To err is human, goes the common saying. To blame seems to be #human, too. How can you avoid finger-pointing and #guilt while #caring for a #family member and take care of yourself? @drbarryjjacobs @AARP #FollowFriday #FamilyCaregiving #Caregiving #Carer”

A Dozen Tips For Those With Hearing Loss: When you or a family member has a hearing loss, you need to make special preparations to communicate and to stay

Looking for a job in home care working with seniors? Join our team at Home Instead Senior Care in Omaha, NE

Looking for a job in home care working with seniors? Join our team at Home Instead Senior Care in Omaha, NE

National Nursing Assistants week occurs each year during the month of June. Certified Nurse Assistants, CNAs, are imperative to the happiness and well-being of senior living residents. Here is a lo…

Facts compiled by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice show that 7.6 million permanently disabled and chronically or terminally ill individuals in the United States receive home care services. Although the majority of home care recipients are over the age of 65 years, many are discharged from hospitals to home care so they can continue...

Stuart arose early, ready for a new day and excited about the prospect of going to a job he loved. He put on his favorite tie and headed out the door, briefcase in hand, to go to work as an insurance adjustor. But in reality, Stuart is 85 years old... Read More

This free live chat was recorded on August 9, 2017 and brought to you by Home Instead Senior Care. Join expert Rachelle Norman and host Lakelyn Hogan as they...

What do you do when mobility and health issues keep you inside during icy cold weather? Well, you have to get creative with crafts, games, and activities so you don't come down with cabin fever. We offer a creative assortment of some ideas for group settings as well as home ideas.

In the space between having to and wanting to, lie your personal boundaries. Learn how to set them.

A quarter of older women are caregivers, and it’s taking a toll on their work lives

A panel of leading researchers and policy experts has released five key recommendations for public and private sector leaders to better support people with dementia living in their own home.

A family caregiver finds peace during the holidays while balancing her needs and those of her senior mother.

When it comes to caring for my loved one with dementia, my number one skill is ______________.

Family caregivers know all too well the sensitive issues that can send brothers and sisters into turmoil. Family caregiving may be stressful under any circumstances. But certain situations are hot button triggers. These events can make the life of caregiving siblings more difficult and lead to family conflict.

A financial planner explains how to prepare for retirement while living the good life now.

Looking for a job in home care working with seniors? Join our team at Home Instead Senior Care in Omaha, NE

Looking for a job in home care working with seniors? Join our team at Home Instead Senior Care in Omaha, NE

Want to learn more about what makes Home Instead CAREGivers so special? Here are some stories about our wonderful CAREGivers.

Inspirational Quotes That Summarize The Wisdom About Life 1. &qout;If you want something you never had, You have to do something you’ve never done.&qout; 2. &qout;Not cari

​Small changes to a family caregiver’s diet and exercise habits benefit her and her senior mother.

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The lastest Technology to be able to collect vitals and information at home without all the old clunky equipment Combined with the Rothman Index, which can acurately determine your health score alerting you to take action before its too late. In partnership with Comfort Keepers they are able to monitor…