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After a wave of worker suicides under their management, former executives at France Télécom have been charged with the crime of “moral harassment.”

U.S. top carrier, American Airlines, is bidding farewell to its last 26 McDonnell Douglas MD-80s. The company announced on June 24, 2019, it will retire the aircraft by September 4, 2019, and has published a schedule of the final MD-80 revenue flights.

10 Carry On Essentials that make every flight easier! This is what I carry on all my flights and I've been so thankful for every item on this list!

Can I open a JN Bridal Registry by myself or does the account need the signatures of the couple getting married
To open your JN Bridal Registry account, the name and signature of at least one person is needed. Simply visit your nearest JN branch or MoneyShop to open the account or open it online from the convenience of your computer.
Do I receive interest on the money in My JN Bridal Registry?
Yes you do. Your interest is calculated daily and paid…

A woman writes a letter to anyone who's unemployed due to mental illness.

#Living808 invited Body & Brain Yoga Tai-Chi in Hawaii to talk about our mind-body practice! Sungchul Jang, one of our Master instructors who have been pract...

September 5, 2016 -- Belly Button Healing Body & Brain featured on KASA FOX NEWS (Channel 13). Watch and learn how to improve your gut health with Belly Butt...

OXX System is first and foremost a manufacturing company that offers primarily hair and and skincare products. We also outsource the making of our satin line which includes, but not limited to pillow cases and scarves. Our Company’s mission is based on a commitment and duty to encourage ultimate hair-care executions, especially where Black women are concerned. Subsequently, we have incorporated a flagship OXX Salon where…

SSCo Event Management and The Gleaner Company have once again joined forces to present the eighth annual Restaurant Week, November 8-16, 2013 when over 75 of Jamaica\'s best restaurants will offer specially selected three-course, fixed price dinner menus and lunch time specials at significantly discounted prices

National Commercial Bank - Real Time – These transfers, once initiated before 2:30 pm, are completed within two (2) hours.
RBC Royal Bank - 1 Day after payment is received.
Bank of Nova Scotia - 1 Day after payment is received.
CIBC First Caribbean International Bank - 1 Day after payment is received.
First Global Bank - 1 Day after payment is received.
For more details, check your Financial Institution.

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