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Our research shows that as organizations mature in their use of gig talent, the advantages become mo

Whether you like them or not, meetings are a necessary part of every manager’s life. Yet with the pr

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Apparently I am not supposed to trust my own experiences. I’ve had lawns at every house I’ve inhabited, which has been several over my more than half century above the earth. I’m baffled when I read that lawns are high maintenance, bad for the environment, and provide nothing for wildlife
I’m watching a robin as I type this and nobody told him to stay off the lawn, and it sure looks like he’s finding worms and grubs. Last week I saw a…

Dry mouth is more than just feeling thirsty. It affects your overall health. WebMD looks at the causes and symptoms of dry mouth, plus ways to treat it.

VALDOSTA — College is expensive, and from time to time, local businesses give a monetary boon to college students.

What if every day we prayed, “Lord, let me see this world through Your eyes?”
Looking at the world through Jesus’ eyes would cause us to see people differently. Jesus loves all people - of every race and every nation, of all ages, from all walks of life. He died for all of us while we were still sinners – which proves His love for ALL people
How would my priorities change today if I saw people the way Jesus sees them?

I really want to thank to Mailbox Club for sending us this great materials . I have learned so many things especially I have learned that how to change our mind and walk with Jesus. From this c ourses I also memories some Bible verses which is very important for me. Some Bible verses helps to change my secular thinking and helps me to get new mind which will lead me to follow Jesus. So, I have decided to give my heart to…

When cold temperatures and winter weather, such as snow, sleet, wind and ice set in, it's easier to stay inside when you know your shrubs are safe and sound. Winter sun, wind, and freezing temperatures can affect plants, resulting in sunscald, desiccation of evergreen foliage, damage, or even killing of branches and roots. While we might want to hibernate and think all creatures are doing the same while a fluffy white blanket of snow covers the ground, the reality is that deer and…

Antibiotics do not fight infections caused by viruses like colds, most sore throats and bronchitis, and some ear infections. Unneeded antibiotics may lead to future antibiotic-resistant infections. Symptom relief might be the best treatment option.

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Want whiter teeth, healthier gums, and plumper lips? They can all be yours with these oral hygiene tips that are also good for your overall health.