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5 Truths Missions is founded on the promises of God which is fulfilled in Jesus Christ – vs. 8-12 Missions is grounded in hope in God – vs. 13 Missions is about reminding ourselves about the gospel – vs. 14-17 Missions will test your faith, but God’s power will be demonstrated in your l

Explore this photo album by Valdosta State University on Flickr!

The series from Alcon Television and Crunchyroll is inspired by 'Blade Runner 2049.'

As the giant tire turns 50, we take a tour inside and look at the view from on top of the Uniroyal tire. ◂ WXYZ 7 Action News is metro Detroit's leading sour...

Ray Norton Tire & Auto Center has many tire brands in stock, we are sure to have the tires that are perfect for you. We serve Valdosta, GA and Lake Park, GA.

As anticipated, Republicans kept a Senate majority and the Democrats regained the House. Washington Policy Analyst Ed Mills explains what’s next.

Two weeks ago we considered the question, “Why are we here?” “Why have we gathered to worship?” And as we understand God’s purpose in bringing Israel to Himself on mount Sinai, we can begin to better understand God’s purpose in bringing us here every Sunday. For this we will look again to E

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-Jesse for baseball/softball/tball and soccer
Call our Mildred Hunter Center at 259-5407 and ask for
-Andre for football and basketball
Call our main office at 259-3507 and ask for:
-Rachel for cheerleading and volleyball
We offer text alerts for game cancellations. They are the fastest way to find out if we are cancelling games or events based on bad weather or other emergencies. We will only send alerts if it affects a large number of people. For instance, we…

A volcano in Hawaii, wildfires in the West, floods in the Midwest, hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, snowstorms in the Northeast – what’s a business to do?

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The teachers at Childcare Network are here to help ease transitions for your family. Our qualified staff and HighReach Learning curriculum will keep their minds stimulated and engaged, and be a constant support system for your child. And with over 250 locations across the United States, Childcare Network could follow you to your next station!

Learn how to effectively protect your loved ones and home from fires with these top tips provided by the American Red Cross. Download our fire safety resources here.

Are you going back to the office after a nice, relaxing vacation? If so, you might still be excited

Maybe you’re racing to finish a quarterly report before your deadline tomorrow morning. Perhaps you’

They say people don’t quit jobs; they quit managers. Unfortunately, since most employees won’t dare

FTC Disclaimer: The following post is sponsored by Husqvarna. Sometimes surfing on Facebook pays off. A few months ago, my wife was scrolling through her Facebook feed when a link popped up …