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804 reviews of Midtown Dentistry from Houston, TX New patient here, so limited experience. But, I chose them after a thorough search. I wanted a place where you feel truly welcomed, and this team does that in spades! I wanted a place that will mee

I love myth busting! I do it regularly in my classes. Unfortunately, some myth busting can make things even worse.

Buying a home is exciting and involved. The more you know about buying a home, the better informed you'll be to make appropriate decisions.

Weight loss can dramatically reduce symptoms of back pain or sciatica. See how we can help.

Debit cards are pitched as a way to not spend money you don’t have. But that doesn’t stop consumer expert Clark Howard from hating on them for a couple of very valid reasons!

An in-depth list of children's books, with summaries, that can help teach your child essential personal finance and money-related concepts.

When planning and saving for your retirement without the help of an employer, there is a lot to consider. Below are some considerations to make when figuring out how to save for retirement when your employer doesn’t sponsor a plan for you.

If disaster were to strike your area, are you prepared with basic necessities in the event of an emergency?

A series of studies on the economic and societal value of orthopaedic care, in terms of productivity and quality of life.

There are literally hundreds of different combinations of breast implants that you can pick from. So, one of the common questions that people ask is, “What a...

Alright. After your breast implants are in is not the time to be talking to your surgeon about what your goals were. Consultation is a two-way street. You sh...

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1. Thousands of Smile Makeovers completed, many in one week
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Chiropractic and the use of therapy is discussed by Tulsa Chiropractor Keith G. Ryan who works at Keith G. Ryan Chiropractic PLLC and who's website is www.dr...

Chiropractic is based on the philosophy of aiding your body to naturally heal through spinal adjustments and lifestyle changes that stimulate wellness

If you're starting to feel the pinch of growing debt, it’s time to take action. There are a few things you can do to get ahead of your impending debt crisis to put yourself in a better place financially.

We realize that in the age of information, patients are going to be doing their homework before deciding to have plastic surgery. Part of our job is to make ...

Happy Senior Citizen’s Day! Here are a few fun facts about seniors in the United States now and in the past. Click here for information on home care: