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Energy Information Administration - EIA - Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government

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The unemployment rate for Americans with disabilities is edging up as less people in this population actively seek work, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Labor.

As a TPA, learn about the opportunities you have to transform health care claims data into significant cost savings for you and your employer customers.

Phishing scams and ransomware attacks may be grabbing the headlines, but for the financial sector lost or stolen mobile devices were the leading cause of data breaches over the last decade.

Companies increasingly mine their own customer data for insights into the market. But what about data that tracks your competitors’ activities – in an ethical but profitable way?

STEM needs to be part of a comprehensive strategy to change the way teachers teach and students learn.

Graph analytics is gaining traction in the world of big data and IoT. From solving real-world problems such as detecting cyberattacks and creating value from IoT sensor data to precisely identifying drug interactions faster than ever before, graph has become a powerhouse in detecting never-before-seen connections and emergent patterns. It’s critical to understand how graph can [...]

Big data is a big deal, but what is it? Inbound Logistics asks four industry experts to file their report on big data and its benefits.

The Data Storage Blog covers topics including scanning, storage, software, going paperless, and records management.

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Despite significant volatility, stocks ended last week higher after a finalized Greek bailout deal and some upbeat domestic economic data. For the week, the S&P 500 gained 0.67%, the Dow grew 0.60%, and the NASDAQ added 0.09%. [1]
Greece finally clinched a third bailout from creditors when its parliament approved the deal and Germany backed off its…

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The quantitative data that’s available is far too limited, and likely to lead us to the wrong conclusions.

Three years after the policing practice was ruled unconstitutional, a major newspaper has an epiphany.

Effective data analytics begins with an understanding of performance based on data, statistical methods and predictive modeling; the resulting insights can be …

Across the country, Educare Schools are using data to revolutionize early childhood education and close the achievement gap. Now, our children most in need a...

Learn more about how VMware Empowers Big Data and Big Data Extensions

Charter Communications has acquired Time Warner Cable for $55.33 billion, the company confirmed Tuesday.

U.S. oil prices surged to their highest level of the year Wednesday on signs that the country’s production may be peaking.