Health in Tucson, AZ

It seems shocking, but two GOP judges down South seem ready to invalidate Obamacare. After that, it’s “what will John Roberts do?”

In order to deliver on the promises of the President's executive order on health care price transparency, those in DC should learn from state efforts toward "Right to Shop" transparency so patients get real price information ahead of time, can compare options, and get rewarded when they shop.

Thomas Harris was promoted to this vital leadership position after working as part of the Marketing staff and the Inclusive Excellence Council.

The class of seven will be inducted at a formal ceremony and dinner on Thursday, Sept. 5.

By: Lori McNeill
Do you ever feel like you were meant to do something ... as if your life has guided you toward serving a particular purpose? Or even that you’ve come full circle from one point in your life to a similar place, but as a changed person from the journey
“I’m a spiritual person, and I believe God brought me full circle,” said Mareta Childs, Founder and Executive Director of Loving Hands of Healing Hope, a Tucson non-profit that provides spa…

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