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One of YouTube's biggest breakout comedy stars (with more than 65 million views and counting), "thinking man's comic" Steve Hofstetter now brings his no-holds-barred stand-up show to R Bar in Tucson."The Your Tour: Grassroots Ramble" features some of his most unfiltered, hilarious and very adult observations about virtually anything and everything under the sun. Along with his popular YouTube videos, Hofstetter's performed on TV, with sets…

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Winter solstice is here! During this season, most homes experience increased energy bill costs due to keeping it warm. Check out 6 ways to head into the New Year with a new peace of mind and better understanding of how to save energy in your home.

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with whom he drank
he ordered the gold and silver vessels
which Nebuchadnezzar, his father,
to be brought in so that the king, his lords,
his wives and his entertainers might drink from them.
When the gold and silver vessels
taken from the house of God in Jerusalem had been brought in,
and while the king, his lords, his wives and his entertainers
were drinking wine from them,
they praised their gods of gold and silver,
bronze and iron, wood and stone.

The Dove of Peace All things old become new again and with that spirit of renewal in mind, Artis—Naples has shaken up its highly anticipated annual production of Tchaikovsky's famous Christmas ballet, "The Nutcracker." Scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 28-29, in the center's Hayes Hall, Naples audiences will get an eyeful of Moscow Ballet's Russian-themed spectacle as it takes over for Miami City…

E-commerce websites are a huge money maker. With the WooCommerce integration to Client Reports in Pro Sites you can manage them all from one dashboard.

It is important during the chaos of the holidays that you try to find some kind of routine that your family can rely on. Lora offers excellent suggestions to keep in mind!

In July 2014, the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD), the City of Tucson Mayor’s Office and other partner organizations launched a grassroots …

Every day in China, tens of millions of food containers, plastic bags, and disposable chopsticks damage the environment.

There are at least seven people who may be acceptable to Republicans and who have the empathy, experience and bridge-building skills to lead HHS.

Planning a move this summer? Make it stress-free with Mattress Firm's simple moving checklist. Check it out on The Daily Doze!

Across the US, family physicians are opening practices that eschew insurance and government oversight/regulation to bring back the (56 signatures on petition)

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Split Ends: Casualties of High-Impact Haircare 
One major benefit of a haircut is the removal of split ends. Take a look at Groupon’s overview of an irritating hair condition.
Trichoptilosis is one diagnosis that will come not from your doctor, but from your stylist. Deriving…

Passion for Patients [Lee Beecher, MD, Dave Racer, MLitt] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dr. Beecher makes the case for patient-centered medical and mental health care. He uses his 43-year career as a psychiatrist

Coffee Cart Mpls brings the Minneapolis coffee culture to your events.
Experience specialty coffee from specialty people supporting our specialty
local roasters.

Before launching your first promotion, it helps to create a plan. This ensures you’re targeting the right audience and creating offers that drive sales without hurting your profits.
To get the most...

Windbreaks can be natural or artificial, and they are found on residential, commercial, and farming properties. Large trees—such as the Arizona cypress—are often planted to effectively break the wind, but these barriers can also be used for other tasks like providing shade. Let’s take a closer look at windbreaks and why they are so …

Hello and welcome! I'm Anna, Mama of 4, early years teacher and play enthusiast from the UK! Click here to read more about me.
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An Alabama judge denied Kharon Davis' request to drop a murder charges that has kept him in jail without trial for 10 years.

Swiss chocolate makers have made ruby chocolate from a new type of cocoa bean.

Turn it Around: The Story of East Bay Punk
Narrated by Iggy Pop, Turn it Around: The Story of East Bay Punk spans over 30 years of the California Bay Area’s punk music history with a central focus on the emergence of Berkeley’s inspiring 924 Gilman Street music collective. The film is the definitive telling of this vibrant story, drawing from a wide variety of voices featuring exclusive interviews with and the music of the most famous and infamous rock and punk bands…

Businesses along the Gulf Coast are still in the midst of recovery efforts after Harvey. But ano...

SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT: David Gilmour Live At Pompeii
A Downtown Phoenix Exclusive! ‘David Gilmour Live at Pompeii contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.’ Presented with support from Zia Records
45 years after Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour filmed ‘Live At Pompeii’ in the legendary Roman Amphitheatre there, he returned for two spectacular shows, part of his year-long tour…